What About A “19 Question Tag”? Anyone?

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As I’ve mentioned before I have always had a passion for blogs & vlogs! I remember I started following beauty and fashion vloggers & blogger in jr. high and it’s funny I would have never thought that I would have ever become a blogger.

For the past several months or so some of my favorite RL vloggers have been tagged and tagging other vloggers for the 19 Question Tag, which made me think, why not doing the 19 Question Tag for us SL Vloggers & Blogger? The RL 19 questions varied a bit but most were delegated to RL and personal information, so I thought perhaps the questions for us should be more related to SL. If any of you can think of any questions or would like to participate or have anything you would like to add about this please leave a comment.

Here are some  ideas for questions I thought might be fun & interesting & a few from the original “19 Questions”:

What does your vlog/blog name and meaning behind it?

When did you start your SL blog/vlog?

How would you describe your vlog/blog (decor, fashion destinations, RP…)

When did you start SL and what brought you to SL?

What inspired you to become a vlogger/blogger?

How Often do you post?

What’s you favorite thing to blog and why?

Do you watch/read other vlogs/blogs & how often?

What strength do you have that has helped you as a vlogger/blogger?

How do you motivate yourself to stay active & fresh with your vlog/blog?

What’s the last thing you bought in SL?

Which sim is your favorite for taking blog/blog photos and why?

Do you have an alt?

Would you say your avi is an introvert or extravert?

How do you feel about SL relationships (romantic & friends)?

What is your guilty pleasure on SL?

Where is your avi right now? (mainland home, sandbox, event, stuck in a TP (lol)….)

What are your favorite things to do on SL?

What is your favorite SL fashion & decor style?

Have you ever collaborated with another vlogger/blogger? Pros & cons?

What new changes/developments in SL do like/dislike?

What is your pet peeve in SL?

What valuable advice would you give to a new vlogger/blogger?

What is your favorite SL memory?

What’s the craziest/wackiest/ strangest thing you’ve ever experienced on SL? Best?

What 5 things make you the happiest on SL?

Is there anything you have learnt in SL that has helped you in RL?

What is the one thing you want everyone to know about your avi & vlog/blog?


So there it is, that’s what I’ve come up with so far for questions for the tag, hope they don’t sound dumb (I always doubt myself when I blog & take photos on SL) so please give me your input. Comments are always welcome!

Hugzzz & Luv ya all ♥ ♥ ♥

Cherri ♥ ♥ ♥


Here’s the link to the very first blogger that did the “19 Questions”Orca’s Blog

Here’s Sadie Hunter’s 19 Question Challenge Answers

Here’s Isabelle Cheren’s 19 Question Challenge Answers

Here’s ReadMeri’s Answers to the “19 Question” Challenge

Here’s Wynn’s shopSL’s “19 Questions” Challenge answers

Here is Tiffany’s Blended Beauty Blog

Here’s Honeybee Happy’s Answers to the 19 Question Challenge


WOW! I truly an enjoying reading everyone’s answers to the “19 Vlogger/Blogger Questions! ❤

Thank you so very much for participating! Love ya all!! ♥

(Maybe its best that if anyone wants to participate they should choose any 19 for what I listed)










14 thoughts on “What About A “19 Question Tag”? Anyone?

    1. First thank you for participating!!!! ❤ My goodness, all of you make my answers looks so freakin dumb! LOL 😛 I feel like I come off flighty and a bit of airhead when I write. (I doubt myself a lot when it comes to blogging) Seriously yours & everyone's answers were eloquently put they put mine to shame. I love yours! Hugzzzz & Happy Holidays my friend!


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