*About My Blog & Me*

Hi! My name is  SherriOhCherri and welcome to my  SL fashion blog! Yup if I sound excited it’s because I am!! Now a bit about me and my blog. I’ve been on SL since 2011. I’ve always wanted to start a blog as an outlet to express my personal and unconditional love for SL fashion (and RL fashion too). This blog is a glimpse into my idividual taste and style of fashion trends here on SL. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment I’d love to hear from all of you!  One of my favorite things to do is shopping in SL and RL so I just had to start this  blog lol

To all those that have touched my life & encouraged me to start this blog I sincerely thank you for having faith in me. I’d like to mention those closest to me that said I could accomplish  Cherri’s SL OnFleek Picks Blog: Aly, Cappy, LB, Chief, SkkyBell & my RL family & besties, many kisses & hugs a very gracious & sincere thank you to each of you from the bottom of my heart♥ 

Lets not forget to thank all the designers and creators that inspired me with their products much thanks for making such fabulous fashion!

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