Dressed to Party… GNO (Girls’ Night Out!)

Beautiful husler TWE12VE #4_001EDITPhoto By: Cherri Oh


♥ Outfit – “Beachcover Dress” (Oh So SMEXY!)By Beautiful Hustler @ TWE12VE August round

♥ Heels – “Caity Gladiator Heels” (Very Hot) By: Chuck Size @ TWE12VE August round

♥ Hair – “Ridla Hair” (How cute is this hair? Adorable!!!) By: NYNE @ TWE12VE August round

♥ Nails/ Applier – “Almond Bento Mesh Nails” By: SLACKGIRL ::SG:: @ TWE12VE August Round

♥ Jewelry / Earrings & Necklace – “Peacock Set” By” Indulge Temptations @ TWE12VE August round

♥ Arm Bracelet – “Eclipse Bracelet” By: Minimal @ mainstore

♥ Choker – “Velvet Choker” By ECLAT @ mainstore

♥ Lip Applier – “Garda Lips” (one of my fav sets)By: ZIBSKA @ mainstore

♥ Bag – “My Edgy Look Gacha (RARE) By: CLAvV Past gacha  

Beautiful hustler #2 TWE12VE

**Cute outfit huh? To me this would be a real clubbing/partying outfit! Just perfect for  GNO = Girls’ Night Out. Hair, heels, necklace, earrings & nails can all be found at this months fabulous  TWE12VE Event. Don’t miss out, because after the last day of August this month’s TWE12VE will end and another round will begin September 12th. Here is you TAXI ==> Climb in! TAXI TO TWE12VE!!

SLACKGIRL & !IT! TWE12VE #5Beautiful Hustler TWE12VE #3

Melon Moments On A Hot Summer Eve

HAZY My Heart Gacha #4Photos by: Cherri Oh


♥ Romper – “My Heart Look” (RARE B) GachaBy: HAZY (adorable!!) @ SaNaRae ends the 17th

♥ Hair – “My Hair Sei” By: [MONSO] @ FAMESHED

♥ Heels – “Linda Heels” By: _CD_ CandyDoll @ Mainstore

♥ Lip Applier – “Felina Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ Mainstore

♥ Nail Applier – “Pink Line Common Pastel Gacha By: ALME @ Gacha Garden

HAZY My HEART gacha #2


♥ Melon Drink Tray –  (SOI)(wearing) & Melon Star Fruit On A Stick #2 By: ChicChia @ Gacha Garden

♥ Pineapple Fence & Pineapple Pink Pool Balloon –  By: OPPA @Gacha Garden

♥ Laura’s Table & Chaise –  By: HIVE HIVE for Fifty Linden Fridays @ HIVE

♥ Drink Tray –  (on table) By: {Whats Next}  for Fifty Linden Fridays @ Mainstore(past FLF)

♥ Plant –  “Interior Plant Spirit Gacha” By: IONIC (past TSS event)

♥ Deck Chairs – (on the pier) “Sailors Knots Beach Chairs” By: Artist Shed@ Artist Shed

♥ Cute Pug On Beach Towel – “(Ginger)Little Pugs gacha” (on pier) By: Your Dreams 


“Your Kiss Is On My List”…Hall & Oats

GRUMBLE lace halter dress #1Photos By:Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Halter Lace Dress (Skulls) (It’s pretty Hot & Fantastic) By: GRUMBLE @ FABLE2

♥ Heels – “Bling Heels” By: SLACKGIRL ::SG:: @ FABLE2

♥ Hair – “Wheat Hair” By: FireLight (only 10L!!)@ FABLE2

♥ Flower Head wreath & Bracelet  “Lily” By: Indulge Temptations !IT! @ FABLE

♥ Earrings –  “Sauda Earrings”  (10L Gift gorgeous with metal change hud!) By: Indulge Temptations !IT! @ FABLE2

♥ Choker – “Suede Choker” By: MONS 

NEW -GRUMBLE Lace halter FABLE #2_001EDIT

*** Above photo has three cute gachas from the Fable 2 Event

♥ Emerald Crystal Flower grass By: ~SR~ Sweet Revolutions 

♥ Wicker Chaise By: ADOREZ

♥ Plantain Fruit Table By: ~ASW~

FABLE logo

A Hillside Portico In Mykonos…What A View!

[AK] TWE12VE AUG #5Photos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Dress –  “00020 Dress” By: ADRIS KING @ TWE12VE August starts the 12th (CUTEEEE💋TY )

♥ Heels – “Bling Heels”  (Stunning Beautiful Heels! TY ::SG::💋)By: SLACKGIRL ::SG:: @ FABLE 2 Event

♥ Hair – “Sunny Hair” gacha By: PR!TTY @ Gacha Garden

♥ Flower – RARE – gacha By: LUSH

♥ Lip Applier – “Garda Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ Shiny Shabby

#2 TWE12VE [AK]


TWE12VE [AK] #1

Luxe Box July (I can’t wait for the August box!) 5 more days!!

For some reason I’ve been getting behind on all my subscription boxes I hope to share more of my unboxings. If you haven’t ever heard of Luxe Box here’s a little info:

Each box costs 1,500L which may be purchased inworld from the 1st to the 14th of every month after the 14th the price increases to 3,000L (if you are a Luxe Box  member the price is 2,000L. This month the 12 designers are hard at work creating some “Sparkling”  stunning products I’m sure!(this months theme has something to do with SPARKLE — sooooo me! It’s such a magical moment retrieving each item from the hud I love being surprised so I never look at the sneak peeks. Here’s your TAXI to Luxe Box Inworld ==> Luxe Box Headquarters

LUXe BOX #2 JULYPhotos By: By: Cherri Oh


♥ Top – “Lisa Summer Peplum Top” By: ISON For Luxe Box July

♥ Skirt – “Arielle Skirt” By: Stories & Co. For Luxe Box July

♥ Heels – “Pelargonium Heels” By: #EMPIRE  For Luxe Box July

♥ Hair – “Underground Hair” By: MOON For Luxe Box July

♥ Earrings – “Michelle Earrings” By Astralia Past N21 Event

♥ Choker – “Karin Choker” By: Supernatural Past SaNaRae Event

♥ Ring – “Aphrodite Ring” @ (KUNGLERS) mainstore & MP

♥ Lip Applier – “Garda Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ Shiny Shabby

♥ Nail Applier – “NaNa Nails” By: SLACKGIRL :SG: @ Mainstore


~I’m An American Girl~

Le Fashion Whore TWE12VE #1Photos by: Cherri Oh


♥Le Fashion has outdone themselves with this amazingly stunning dress! It has to be one of my favorite dresses of the summer thus far (Do I say that a lot? SL just has so many wonderful impeccable designers I can’t help myself! LOL)  The hud has graphic and solids to choose from & all impressive textures! Great job Le Fashion! ♥ Speaking of fabulous these heels by *SHOeSHOeS* are totally  dainty & SMEXY  the perfect heel to go with this outstanding dress! Both can be found at TWE12VE Event Starting on the 12th of August

♥ Dress – “Blossom Dress” (Simply Stunning! Thank You💋) By: Le Fashion Whore @ TWE12VE August Starting on the 12th

♥ Heels – “Rebekah Heels” (Sassy & Smexy! TY💋) By: *SOHOe SHOeS*@ TWE12VE Starting August 12th

♥ Clutch Bag – “So Sweet Clutch” (love it! TY💋 By: SEVYN EAST For Beached Bunny Hunt

♥ Hair – “Doll Hair” (Gorgeous!) By: #FOXY @ C88

♥ Necklace – “Yummi Plastic Necklace” (Sooo very sweet no pun intended!) By: Tentacio @ C88

♥ Lip Allier – “Garda Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ Shiny Shabby

♥ Nail Appliers – “NaNa Nails” By: SLACKGIRL ::SG:: @ Mainstore

TWE12VE AUG Le fashion #2

TWE12VE AUG Le fashion #4TWE12VE AUG Le fashion #5TWE12VE AUG Le fashion #7 heels

Once Upon A Pink Dream

FABLE #4ADOREZPhotos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Dream Dress & Leg Ribbons” (It is a lovely sweet textured dress the ruffle around the edges is like dainty flower petals!)  By: ADOREZ @ Fable2

♥ Heels – “Bling Shoes” (Simply delicious outstanding shoes you have to see them they’re pretty marvelous!) BY: SLACKGIRL ::SG:: @ Fable2

♥ Necklace – “Godess Necklace” BY: The Little Bat @ Fable2

♥ Hair – “Isobel Hair” By: Escalated @ Fable

♥ Head Wreath – “Bagatiba -Cream Common gacha”By: *LODE* @ The Chapter Four

♥ Nail Applier – “Unicorn Nails” By: Appletini @ Fable2

♥ Lip Applier – “Garda Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ Shiny Shabby


*Below are two other beautiful items to be found at Fable2 “Once Upon A Time” Event

First photo features an outstandingly gorgeous bed & chandelier By: Adorably Strange Wares @ FABLE 2The Brair Rose Bed By- Adorably Strnge Wares


* 2nd photo belowBeautiful Framed Painting Of A Unicorn @FABLE 2



**Few Folks Have Seen A Fairy,….

“Few folk have seen a Fairy,
But I found this one for you.
If you believe with all your might
She’ll make your dreams come true.”
~ Author unknown

Ocean blue dress FABLE #2_00EDIT

*You can find a fairy at the FABLE Event Starting August 5th FABLE2 “Once Upon A Time” Event


♥ Dress & Heels – “Jaqutta Dress (Ocean) & Jaqutta Shoes (Grey) By: JR WOLF Creations @ FABLE2 Event

♥ Eyes – “Cosmo Eyes” By: DDesign @ FABLE 2 Event

♥ Necklace – “Anya Necklace” By: Bauhaus Movement @ Shiny Shabby

♥ Earrings  –  “Cara Earrings” By Amala @ past FLF

♥ Lip Applier “Garda Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ Shiny Shabby

♥ Headpiece –  By: *LODE* Past gacha

♥ Caged Fairy – “Captured Fairy” BY: *UI* @ Fable2 Event

JR WOLF #3Jaquetta dress