Funky Knitland! Knit 1 Purl 2

APRIL 22 KNITLAND #5_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ How cute is this sim? I happened to see a few photos on Flickr the other day and decided to make my way over to check it out. Cica Ghost made this totally incredible place to visit Knitland there are little surprises around every corner & I must say the creativity is superb! Astounding imagination!  TP To Knitland



Alina’s Gazebo At The Dark Side 4 Event

APRIL 22 Chap #3_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ Look at this Beautiful Alina’s Gazebo! It’s by Chalupa Digs Designs@ The Dark Side 4 Event  going on now till April 30th. The version in my photos is PG (comes in Adult too) and seats four. The center photo over the fireplace mantle is charming with its animated feature. While at The Dark Side 4 Event check out all the other vendors and look for some amazing 10L$ gifts at the store’s kiosks.

Taxi To: The Dark Side 4 Event 


APRIL 22 Chap #1_001EDIT

Adding Vloggers To My Watch List


♥ Adore De Veloure

♥ MHM! Adding more vlogger recommendations. Thought I’d add two other fabulous Second Life vloggers from YouTube to my list.  Adore De Veloure is hilarious, sweet and very fashion savvy. I first saw Adore in one of  Naria Panthar’s videos and started following Adore almost immediately! Adore definitely is a bit of a gentle prankster with an incredible sense of urban/smexy fashion. Hey Adore! More videos please!

♥So make your way to Adore’s Channel & don’t forget to subscribe!



Timmi Novak

♥ While on YouTube take a peek at one of my favorite seen often on Naria Panthar’s channel is Timmi Novak I love love love his laugh! I always comment on videos he’s in  that Timmi has the best laugh in all Second Life. He’s adorably funny!

♥ Timmi Novak’s channel     You too Timmi More Videos Please!


Pink & Black Kawaii Style

APRIL 22 MOoH! #3_001editPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ ♥ ♥ More from The Dark Side Event 4! This time from MOoH!  “Belly Tights!@The Dark Side4 Event Don’t forget to look for MooH’s 10L gift at the event too.

♥ Tights – “Melly Tights” (adorable tights that fit so good! They’re 30% off at the event) by: MOoH! @ The Dark Side4 Event going on now but ends the 30th of April

♥ Top – “Love Sick Patient Hoodie”/Pink by: CURELESS[+] @Epiphany

♥ Hair – “Angelica Hair” by: DOUX @ EQUAL10

♥ Heels -“Couny Heels” by: Phedora for Fifty Linden Friday

♥ Earrings – “Marielle Earrings” by: {Monoko}

♥ After The Storm Backdrop by The Beaded Guy

♥ Neon Sogn – “Kawaii Sign” by: Random Matters

♥ Marshmallows – “Dancing Marshmallows” by; E.V.E.


TAXI To: MOoH! Mainstore

TAXI To: The Dark Side Event4


APRIL 22 MOoH! #5_001edit

Second Life NEW Linden Premium Members Homes….Exciting!


APRIL 19th LL homes #9_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ ♥ ♥ I know, I know! Old news! But I just had to post something about this SL news! It’s really exciting! If you haven’t already taken a “look see” at the homes you really need to tp over and explore. Here’s the Landmark for the New Linden Homes. Also here’s a LINK for some interesting information and photos. Personally I’m contemplating giving up some of my mainland so I can move into one of these lovely homes. Several years back I gave up my “old” LL home for many reasons the main one being I wanted to be at the limit of land & prims for my tier.

The new homes are extraordinarily lovely, and situated in an amazingly landscaped region. Walking around the area definitely seemed like a quaint neighborhood. Although the house boats had a gorgeous view of the ocean and just as tempting as the “suburbia” traditional homes. Some might think the homes & houseboats are a wee bit small but I would call them “cozy”. It would be fun to decorate knowing I have 350 prims, I’m a true “prim gobbler” I’d like to challenge myself to furnish the whole house using as little prims as possible.

From what I’ve heard the region in which the New Linden Homes are to be situated, will have a natural progression of different terrains, ocean views from a shoreline (that’s what I want! An oceanfront view!), islands, mountains and by a rolling river. I’m totally excited lets hope I can sell part of my land to get one of these brand new homes. Everyone cross fingers!

Here are a few Vloggers that have done a much better job that I sharing/explaining the information about The New Linden Homes please take a moment and enjoy their videos they all did a fabulous job bringing us this exciting news. Hit the tumbs up while you’re there.

As you all know I subscribe to many Second Life Vloggers & Bloggers I’ve listed a few of my favorite in past posts. Here are a few vlogger’s links to their channel that made some videos on The New Linden Homes. Please excuse me if I forgot anyone, do drop me an IM inworld if you know of any other vloggers I missed that did a video on these homes.

♥ Bolly Coco

♥ Isabelle Cheren (Thankies for showing be around you lovely new home! You decorated it fabulously! Hugzzz)

♥ Olly Esel

♥ Emily Ward

♥ Luca

♥ InWorld Films (gorgeous video)

♥ Designing Worlds

♥ Trinity Aironaut

♥ Celena Troye

♥  Hope you enjoyed their videos & information about the NEW Linden Premuim Homes

APRIL 19th LL homes #6_001EDIT


♥ Top & Skirt – “Flourescence” blouse & Skirt/sold separate by: Eliavah @ KUSTOM9

♥ Heels – “Parker Heels” (incredible linen textures!) by: Salvadori Paris @ ACCESS

♥ Hair – “Angelica Hair” (LOVE IT!!) by: DOUX @ EQUAL10

♥ Flower – “Fuji Flower” by: TRUTH

♥ Drink – “Tom Collins” by: ChicChica @ EQUAL10

♥ Earrings – “Wu Hoops” by: LUXE @ KUSTOM9 (thank you Muffin Man for helping me♥)

♥ Lip Applier – “Karon Lips” by: ZIBSKA

APRIL 19th LL homes #4_001EDIT

Cute Mr & Mrs Bunny Eggs!

APRIL 18th SWAY's#3_001EDITPhoto by:Cherri Oh

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ CUTE!!!! That’s the first word that comes to mind at very first glance. These adorable and very cute Mr & Mrs [Bunny Eggs] by Sway’s are offered for Fifty Linden Friday! Very amazingly festive decor, just right for spring! Grab yours this Friday!!

♥ Sway’s Items

♥ [Bunny Egg] Mr  (FLF) by Sway’s

♥ [Bunny Egg] Mrs (FLF) by Sway’s

♥ [Flower Pot Bunnies] Charcoal, Mocha & Cotton colors (FLF) by Sway’s

♥ [Chole] Picnic Basket by Sway’s

♥ [Fay] Mushroom Seat by Sway’s

♥ [Workplace] Stack of Books by Sway’s

Other Items In Photo

♥  Nest & Speckled Eggs by Apple Fall

♥ Wrought Iron Garden Chair/RARE by: Apple Fall

♥ Fall Potting Shed Book by Apple Fall

♥ Rattan Spring Picnic Hat (not decor but I rezzed it out)  by ZENITH @KUSTOM

♥ Wild Flowers Purple Ground Cover  byHEART Garden Center

♥ “Quenn Ann’s Lace”  by: HEART Garden Center

♥ Backdrop by me

TAXI To: Sway’s


“CRUNCH”…… Sorry Bunny!

APRIL 17th 2019 ZFG #3_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Peasant Dress/ In Bunny” by: Jezzixa Cazalet/Prism Designs for The Evil Bunny Hunt 9

♥ Pose, thought cloud & chocolate bunny – “Yummy Bunny” by: {ZFG} for The Evil Bunny Hunt 9

♥ Heels – “Bunny Heels” by: [LOVE] Mainstore

♥ Hair – “Sakura Hair [B]”/ Sakura Hair & Dango Gacha by: VCO @ KUSTOM9

♥ Ears – “Bunny Ears #20” /Cutie Gacha by: ERSCH (older gacha)

TAXI To: The Evil Bunny Hunt9 (starting point)

LINK To: The Evil Bunny Hunt9 Hint Page

Feel The Music!

APRIl 15th ZOOM dress #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ ♥ ♥ This month TWE12VE ‘s theme for “April is Feel The Music!” That’s exactly what I’m doing in this amazing dress (in the photo above) by zOOm  it has an incredible hologram effect you just have stop by Twe12ve and see it for yourself


♥ Dress – “Music In My Life Dress” by: zOOm @ TWE12VE

♥ Hair – “Finola Hair” (rocking rocker hair!) by: Tameless @ TWE12VE

♥ Heels – “Roxy Heels” by: Slack Girl @ The Dark Side Event 4

♥ Pose – “Rhythm In My Soul Pose” (first photo) by: X.T.C Poses

♥ Planter Guitars – Music Deco Gacha by: MOoH! @  TWE12VE

♥ Headset – “Gamer Girl Headset/Fatpack” by: Spoiled @ EQUAL10

♥Other Items:

Seaside Club by: Sass Buildz

Drink sign/ Gatsby Gacha by: ERSCH

Drinks & Drink Accessories by {What Next} & Dahlia




MOoH! logo AUG 30thpng

APRIl 15th ZOOM dress #3_001EDIT

APRIl 15th ZOOM dress #2_001EDIT

Wishing For Some Summer Sun

APRIl 11th TGL #1_001EDITPhotos By:Cherri Oh

♥ ♥ ♥ Hello Everyone! This winter has been practically snowless for me sadly, all of you know I’m crazy about wintertime because I love skiing & iceskating  not to mention the holidays! That doesn’t mean I’m not fond of summertime! The Cape is my playground in the summer, there is nothing like an early morning dip into the Atlantic. I feel very blessed that my bedroom faces the ocean and I enjoy hours when not outside sitting on window seat with my pup enjoying the ocean breeze and gazing out onto the beach & ocean. The weather the past few days has been in the 40’s & rainy very chilly & dreary! Summer do you hear me?? LOL!


♥ Bathing Suit – “Ghetto Chic” RARE outfit by: Love Lace @ The Gacha Life

♥ Lip Applier – “Gacha Life Tones” #9 by: Ever @ The Gacha Life

♥ Slides – “Unicorn Slides #1”  I LOVE THESE!    by: Xxxtasi (mainstore)

♥ Hair  – “Trendy Girl”gacha RARE#2  by: Sintiklia @ LOOTBOX

♥ Flower – “Flamingo Dream Hibiscus #2” by: Sorumin @ LOOTBOX

♥ Game – “Cat Nyanteno”Blue by: Vibing


TAXI To: Xxxtasi Mainstore

TAXI To: The Gacha Life Event

APRIl 11th TGL #6_001EDITAPRIl 11th TGL #2_001EDIT

Dangerous Play

APRIl 11th SASS #2_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh


♥ Shorts, garters, top, gloves, stockings & boots – [Phoebe] Outfit  by Sass. @ The Dark Side 4Event

♥ Nails – “Dusk Bento Nails” (gorgeous!)  by: Stunner Originals @ The Dark Side 4 Event

♥ Lip Appliers – “Colors Of Your Life  Shade 06” by: Stunner Originals @ The Dark Side 4 Event

♥ Hair – “Ariana Hair” (I adore DOUX!!!) by: DOUX

♥ Poses – “BloodLust Poses” by: X.T.C @ The Dark Side 4 Event

♥ Backdrop – “Dark Gateway” by: IE @ The Dark Side 4 Fair

TAXI To: The Dark Side 4 Event

APRIl 11th SASS #4_001EDITAPRIl 11th SASS #1_001EDIT