🎶”Swish Swish Bish!”🎶

LOVE soda pop #10Photos By:  Cherri Oh


♥ Outfit – Crop Top, Jumper, Open Toe Wedges, Bunny Ears (for shoes)  [Bitch Fit Gacha](OMG! This outfit fits my MAITREYA body like a glove, even in poses there isn’t any clipping it’s fabulously kewl & plenty of attitude) By: Love @ SOMBER

♥ Hair – [Soda Pop] I’m so loving’ this hair with its perfect messy bun) @ IMAGINARIUM (50L Fatpack!) By: Love

♥ Earrings – “Plastic Hearts” By: LaGyo Past C88

♥ Choker – “Neck Wrapped Tied Choker” By: PaperArrow for Fifty Linden Friday

♥ Nails – By: SLACKGIRL

♥ Lip Applier – “Toma Lips” By: ZIBSKA

♥ Bag – “Harajuka Bag” By: FAKEICON

LOVE soda pop #5LOVE soda pop #3


Love [Bitch Fit Gacha]


Smokin’ “Risky Nights Dress” For One Of Those Nights


❤️ Talk about a really cute, hot dress? This “Risky Nights Dress & Boots” By: Love is smexy & alluring yet soooo sweet!❤️  The texture is outstandingly fabulous and a definite silky look. You can find it here ==>By: Love @ The Chapter Four (ends Oct. 1st)


♥ Dress & Boots – “Risky Nights” By: Love @ The Chapter Four (Till Oct 1st)

♥ Hair – “[Miles Hair]” (Amazing buy, a full fatpack for only 50L!) By: LOVE @ The Imaginarium

♥ Necklace & earrings – “Love Me Walker Gacha” (adorable! & I want that cute bag!)  By: Random Matters & Memento @ KUSTOM 9

♥ Ears – “Rose Kitty” RARE By: PRiTTY @ Past Gacha Garden

♥ Lip Applier – “Aubera Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ The Liaison Collaborative

♥ Nails –  “Nail Passion” RARE By: SLACKGIRL @ Pocket Gacha

LOVE #7_




🐙Oci Octopus’s Garden🐙

BLOSSOM #3Photos By: Cherri Oh

*This specular one-piece bodysuit/bathing suit “WOWed me! It actually glows and *☆ * Sparkles*☆* Hurry before the TWE12VE Event for September is over! TAXI to TWE12VE


♥ Bodysuit/bathing suit –  “Luna One Piece Flickering Sparkles” By: Blossom @ TWE12VE September round

♥ Hair – “[Beauty Kills]” Fatpack is only 50L!!😍 BY: Love @ Imaginarium

♥ Nails – “Agatha Mesh Nails” By: SLACKGIRL ::SG:: Gorgeous!

♥ Lip Applier – Zibska

♥ Bag – “Huguette Bag” By: Cest la vie

♥ Heels – “Pica” By: Phedora

♥ Octopus – By: MOoH! (Gacha)



“Let’s Get This Party Goin”

[BH] TWE12VE #1Photos By:Cherri Oh

 ***Each month on the 12th starts a new round of exciting fabulous shopping @TWE12VE  This month’s theme is ☆.。MAGIC☆.。 and you can be sure you’ll be magically delighted by the impressive array of amazing items for sale there. TWE12VE has men’s & ladies’s clothing, tattoos, makeup (lip & nail appliers), hair, home decor, builds, jewelry and much much more so grab your purses & wallets and head over before the 30th of September.


♥ Dress – “Magik Nights Dress” By: Beautiful Hustler @ TWE12VE (September round)

♥ Heels – “Ginny Pumps” By: *SOHOe SHOeS* @ TWE12VE (September round)

♥ Hair – “Shaquira Hair” By: !!FireLight!! @ TWE12VE (September round)

♥ Hair Flower – “Lily Flower #5” gacha By Austria

♥ Necklace – “The Magic Eye Necklace” By: Indulge Temptation @ TWE12VE (September round)

♥ Lip Applier – “Enchanted Lips” By: LIVIA @ TWE12VE (September round)

♥ Nail Applier – “Stardust Nails” By: LIVIA @ TWE12VE (September round)

♥ Clutch – “Cash Plate” By: CAKE //$$\\

[BH] TWE12VE #6

♥ Golden, bronzy, shimmery, metallic & classy is how I would describe this little body hugging dress by Beautiful Hustler it’s pretty spectacular on with its perfect fit (I’m wearing MAITREYA). I paired it up with these flirty “Ginny Pumps” by *SOHOe SHOeS* & cute curly shoulder length “Shaquira Hair” by !!Firelight!! In addition sparkly lips & nails by LIVIA Indeed a “Magical” outfit!  All can be purchased at TWE12VE 

[BH] TWE12VE #3[BH] TWE12VE #4[BH] TWE12VE #2[BH] TWE12VE #5

🌹Roses Aren’t Always Red🌹

MOOH! #4Photos By:Cherri Oh

*This cute dress byMOoH! has a lot of lovely delicate detail and ladies it’s a special for a short time so get moving! You don’t want to miss out on this charming dress. Equally charming is this amazing hair by, Love called “[Miles Hair]” and the whole fatpack is only 50L you can find it at the “IMAGINARIUM Event” its a steal for this brilliantly designed hair, great texture. Also Love has more styles there all for 50L each pack. Oh one more thing  the Love gacha there is pretty fantastic (I personally couldn’t stop playing it😊) so check it out. Please don’t forget to visit TWE12VE Shopping Event for September the theme this month is ~Magic~  you will find a lot of magically inspired items ranging from men & ladies clothing, eyes, hair, decor, builds, poses, makeup & jewelry just to name a few. So add that to your list of places you might want to stop at browse & pick up a few things.


♥ Dress – “Aurora Roses Dress”  By: MOoH! @located at the mainstore(In-store special )

♥ Hair – “[Miles Hair]” By: Love At The Imaginarium Event  ___ 50L fatbacks!!

♥ Hair Wreath – “Gladiolus Collection Gacha” By: LODE @ The Chapter Four

♥ Choker – “Rose Choker” – orange By: (YUMMY)

♥ Heels – “Ginny Pumps” By: *SOHOe SHOeS* @ TWE12VE Event September round(till the 30th of September) 

♥ Nail Applier – “Agatha Nails” BY: SLACKGIRL @ TWE12VE September Round (going on now till the end of the month)

♥ Lip Applier – “Toma”By: ZIBSKA (can be found at the mainstore)


TWE12VE logo sept. 2017MOoH! logo AUG 30thpngLOVE LOGO

MOOH Aurora dress

MOOH! #2


“Cloud’s Illusions I Recall”

#1 Hi Lo* MagicPhoto By:Cherri Oh


♥ Dress, Shoes & Hat – “Magic Outfit” (adorable outfit and includes; dress, shoes & hat. I’m wearing the Maitreya fit version and it fits perfectly lovely as you can see! By: Hi*Lo @ TWE12VE September round

♥ Garters – “Ginevra Heart Garters” By: ASTRALIA Past gacha (March 2017)

♥ Choker – “Crystal Love Choker” By: (YUMMY) (January BishBox)

♥ Earrings – “Crystal Hearts” (past gacha) By: LaGyo

♥ Hair – “Mabel Hair” By: Eliktira [e] Last week’s Fifty Linden Friday

♥ Nails – “Gel Nails” By: .Kosmetik@TWE12VE September round

♥ Lip Applier – “Asya Lips” By: ZIBSKA




🍭🍬Don’t You Love Sweets? I DO! Here’s A Sweet From _CandyDoll_🍬🍭

Candydoll C88 #8Photos By: Cherri Oh

🍭 “One” (of very many) of my favorite places to find cute yummy clothes & heels is _CandyDoll_ as you can see these heels & dress are assuredly among “yummy” they can be found at Collabor88 going on right now till October 6th.


♥ Dress – “Yira Dress” By: _CandyDoll_ @ Collabor88

♥ Heels – “Yira Heels” By: _CandyDoll_ @ Collabor_

♥ Hair – “Doll Hair” By: #FOXY

♥ Earrings – “Moon Earrings” BY: A BADa^Qixi @ Chapter 4

♥ Necklace – “Hannah’s Heart Necklace & birthstone hud” By: AMALA For Fifty Liden Friday (L$50 for necklace & additional L$ For Birthstone hud)

♥ Choker – “Giaia Choker” By: LaGyo @ Collabor88

♥ Lip Applier – “Marise Lips” By: ZIBSKA

♥ Nail Applier – “Shades Of Pink- Glitter” By: ALME

*♥ Head – CATWA    Body / Feet & Hands– Lara Maitreya    Skin -Atelier Pepe  Shape – My own (I rarely change  any of these)


As Each Leaf Falls, It Reminds Me Of A Memory Of You

[AK] TWE12VE SeptemberPhotos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Heels – “Exclusive Event Heels” (these shoes come with a hud on these scrumptious two-toned heels they’re perfect for fall. By: [AK] Adris King @ TWE12VE Event Starts on the 12th of each month

♥ Top – “Blush Top” (adorable top!!) By: -PixiCat- @ Collabor88

♥ Skirt – “Red Flavor Skirt #6” (I love love this gacha! If you haven’t played it at the Arcade you should run over before Arcade ends this round)By: Miwa’s Airship @ Arcade

♥ Hair & Hat – “Break The Rules Hair” (Isn’t this hair pretty amazing? You can wear  with or without the hat!)By: Exile @ Collabor88

♥ Choker – “Queen Of Pompons #white” ( this gacha was sooooo sweet I think I played and almost got every item I’m only missing 2)By: Neomenia

♥ Earrings – “Scallop Earrings  in pink gold” (new at Chapter 4 I’m not sure if this is a new designer/store in SL but these earrings are really delicate and you have a choice of several metals, I also bought the “Moon” shaped ones as well) By: A BADa^Qixi @ Chapter 4

♥ Necklace – “Hannah’s Heart Necklace & birthstone hud” (50L$ Lindens is cray cray for this darling necklace, (birthstone hud sold separately only additional 50L$) I received one in RL on my 10th birthday that looks exactly like this and I’m sure a lot of you girls own necklaces that look a lot like this “Hannah’s Heart Necklace” in RL so make sure you get this one in SL. It’s not just for young avis don’t get me wrong but I consider it a classic piece that will be utilized for many many years no matter the age) By:AMALA or Fifty Linden Friday

♥ Bookbag – “Happy Briefcase” ( very cute!)By: *PC* @ Chapter 4

♥ Lip Applier – “Lolana Lips”(always my favorite lip applier ZIBSKA has the most amazing gorgeous products)  By: ZIBSKA

AK Shoes TWE12VE #6_001EDIT

*Excellent job of design and texture on these heels Adris King! Such cute heels!Thank You💗

AK Shoes TWE12VE #4_001EDIT

AK Shoes TWE12VE #8_001EDITAK Shoes TWE12VE #2_001EDITAK Shoes TWE12VE #10_001EDITAB

Autumn In The Park

*This lovey little party dress by: S&B is called  the “Sheer Tunic Dress” and girls is it ever gorgeous! It comes with a hud to change the hem from solid to lace and its perfect for an evening party or dinner date. You can find it at The Artist Palette @SunSet Mist Mall more information about the event

♥TAXI to TAP Event: ==>The Artist Palette LM 

TAP S&B Sheer tunic #3_001EDIT-1Photo By: Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Sheer Tunic Dress”By: S&B @ TAP -The Artist Palette

♥ Coat – “Secession Shoulder Fur” (color block) By:TITZUKI

♥ Boots – “Harwood Boots” By:HUCCI

♥ Hair – “Grind Hair” BY #FOXY

♥ Earrings – “Xanthe Earrings” By: La Gyo @ Fameshed

♥ Sunglasses – “Naomi Shades”BY MOWIE

TAP S&B Sheer tunic #2_001EDITABC

TAP Event starts September 8th and runs through the 28th so make sure you visit the event for some fabulous items such as this lovely “tunic dress” by S&B@ TAPFor more Information visit SunSet Mist Mall on Facebook

TAXI==> The Artist Palette LM

JULY new tap LOGO

TAP S&B Sheer tunic #5_001EDITTAP S&B Sheer tunic #8_001EDIT

Autumn Dinner At A Secret Secluded Spot (Lovely Dinner Set By: Once Upon A Time)


FLICKR ONce Upon Furniture #1Photos By: Cherri Oh

“The Autumn Dinner Set” By: Once Upon A Time@ The Artist Palette @ SunSet Mist Mall September 8th(though the 28th)

This quaint casual collection of furniture and accessories are a remarkable mix of American & European design. The set includes, table, chairs, place-settings, wine bottle, stemmed wine glasses,tablecloth, and autumn leaf grouping to scatter to&fro. The place-setting may I add comes with: leaf placemat, charger, bowl, and rolled napkins in a napkin-ring. A very warm and cozy set perfect for Autumn entertaining in or outdoors, you’ll feel the sense of home with this country styling that always touches the heart. It brings together America rustic with touch of European classic lines fitting for the Fall, your guests will be pleased.

once upon a time furiture #2

JULY new tap LOGO


On Table

Bee Design – Lantern & Pumpkin
Dust Bunny – Pumpkin Centerpiece With Flowers
La Galleria – Halloween Candelabra (group gift)
JL – Bowl Of Apples


Far Left

{What Next} – House Plants
La Galleria – Fall Wreath (group gift)
Compulsion – Ornate Mirror
La Galleria – Pumpkin Group With Dried Corn (group gift)


On Chairs

La Galleria – Tribal Autumn Pillows (group gift)


Far Right

Sway’s – [Workplace] Stack Of Books
Dust Bunny & Tenshi – Autumn Ladder
Second Spaces – Mood Lighting (candle group from Deco(R)ate Box)



Little Branch – Animated Maples & Grass (Deco(R)ate Box)
[TIA] Potted Lemon Trees
[KeKe] – Old Garden Greenhouse (Deco(R)ate Box)