Which Cafe Did I Say To Meet At?

**This cute dress by:  “Mad Cat Creations” can be found at the TWE12VE Event but HURRY! It’ll soon be over on June 30th!  TAXI===>> TWE12VE Event By Evil Bunny Productions!

MADCAT CREATIONS #1MCC #1Photos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Daytime Party Dress” Pink/Violet By: Mad Cat Creations @ TWE12VE

♥ Hair – “Mai Hair” BY: #FOXY @ N21

♥ Bag – “Summer Love Tote Gacha” Pink BY: ILLI @ Tres Chic

♥ Heels – “Snapdragon Sandals” BY: EMPIRE For LuxeBox June

♥ Choker – “Classy Collars Gacha” Baby Pink Diamante’ By: .tsg. @ The Arcade

♥ Head Flower Wreath – “Phlox Collection” Blush Crown BY: LODE @ Shiny Shabby

♥ Nail Applier – “Risa Nails” BY: SlackGirl @ Lost & Found

♥ Eyes – “Seaside Eyes”  Ocean By: Banana Bashee

♥ Lip Applier – “Neelam” By: ZIBSKA @ The Cosmetic Fair

MCC #3



*ALOHA* Kawaii Summer (Featuring {VINCUE} & The Kawaii Project Haul)


∗∗Just a little chat about this “Mini Kini” bra & short set by {VINCUE}. I saw the bra/bikini top at KUSTOM9 and fell in love with it ♥, its so sweet and each bra comes with a hud to change the shade of ruffle part.(As well as the shorts too) Like how sweet! Then……… I found out via Flickr {VINCUE} was making shorts to go with this bra/bikini top for The Kawaii Project. I was ecstatic to put it mildly. Also I have to add that the “Mely” bottoms/undies are a perfect match if you would like to make it a bikini set they can be found at the mainstore {VINCUE} MAINSTORE(which of course I did!) I just wish I could have afforded the fatpack to each piece. I’d like to send a huge GREAT JOB to Cate Ying she really makes all us Kawaii loving girls very happy in SL!

#5 {VINCUE}Photos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Bra – “Mini Kini” BY: {VINCUE} @ KUSTON9

♥ Shorts – “Mini Kini” BY: {VINCUE} @ The KAWAII Project

♥ Hair – “Coco Hair” BY: DOE @ The Kawaii Project (Gacha)BY: DOE @ The Kawaii Project (Gacha)

♥ Sandals – “Isby Sandals” BY Dilly Dolls @ The Kawaii Project

♥ Ice Cream Cone – “Italian Ice Cream” BY: {IMEKA} @ The Kawaii Project (comes with nose & tongue bits)

♥ Lip Applier – “Neelam Lips” BY: ZIBSKA @ The Cosmetic Fair

♥ Nail Applier – “Shades Of Pink” (Glitter) BY: ALME @ Mainstore

♥ Choker – “Classy Collar” BY: .tsg. @ The ARCADE (this round/ Baby Diamante’ Pink) Gacha

♥ Lanyard – “Convention Lanyard” By Random Matter Past “Noticed By Sendai Gacha” (Past Epiphany)

♥ Backdrop – “Blue Lips” By RAMA

♥ Puffy Pillow – BY: LUSH @ TWE12VE (Ends the 30th of June So HURRY!BY: LUSH @ TWE12VE (Ends the 30th of June So HURRY! This cute pillow has  20 beautiful textures  & 15 adorable poses. Hurry & Get yours now!

♥ Radio – “Cuddle Summer Radio” (RARE) BY: Les Sucreries De Fairy @ The Chapter Four (ends July 1st)

♥ Laptop – “Noticed By Sendai” By: Random Matters Past Epiphany 

♥ Makeup – “Beauty Girl Gacha” #3 & #8 BY: TENTACIO @ KUSTOM 9

♥ Elephant – “Albino Unicorn Elephant” BY: [Black Bantam] Past The Forest Paid Event


*Photo above ⇑ is advertisement for LUSH’s Puffy Pillow with 15 sweet poses  & 20 beautiful textures to change the pillow. TAXI to TWE12VE Event

#1 {VINCUE}#2 {VINCUE} mini KINI

keepcalm & stay kawaii

#4 {VINCUE}#6 {VINCUE} mini KINI#3 {VINCUE} mini KINI

Chillin’ At The SASS Buildz “Seaside Club” Wearing “Mischino” & (I’m not dodging the paparazzi ✾♛‿♛)ノ*♡*

June 15th Mischino Marina dress #4_EDIT-1Photos By:Cherri Oh


Dresses – “Marina Dresses” By: MISCHINO @ TWE12VE(ends the 30th of June-Amazing dress I adore all the prints & shades!) Fantastic pricing!  HURRY OVER! TY MISCHINO


♥ Necklace – “Mazu Necklace” By: Vengeful Threads @ TWE12VE (just a sweet perfect necklace for all that summer wear! Beautifully made and only $99L what a steal for this delightful piece of jewelry)

♥ Hair – “Dymitria Hair” By: NYNE @ TWE12VE (lovely texture)

♥ Eyes – “SeaSide Eyes” BY: Banana Banshee (Ocean)@TWE12VE

♥ Eyeshadow Applier – “Seduction” BY: D.Design @ TWE12VE 

♥ Lip Applier – “HighShineLips”BY: KOSMETIK @ TWE12VE (CATWA-Used)

♥ Heels –  “Snapdragon Sandals”  BY: EMPIRE For Junes LUXE BOX => TAXI

SASS BUILDZ & Mischino #1June 15th Mischino Marina dress #3_EDIT

♥♬♩♪♩Seaside Club – BY: SASS BUILDZ @ TWE12VE This is a hot club perfect for that summer or tropical sim or just anyplace! You’ll really enjoy TPing you besties and dancing to the top 20 tunes at this immaculately detailed structure. I know you’ll have  good times in it!♩♪♩♬ ✺◟(∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗)◞✺


*Alone On An Oasis & Fun In the Sun*

430f5a71d5b0650d7a3ca1b51e9ec849Don’t you just love a tropical getaway? It’s a great excuse for living in bikinis, lounging around on a hammock, drinking tropical drinks with tiny paper umbrellas, getting a tan on, & dipping into the briny ocean water. This Oasis & Hammock (sold separately) can be found at the By: Midnyte Creations @ TWE12VE Event  Big Thank you ♥

JUNE 16th Facepalm and Oasis #1_001 EDIT-1Photos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Bikini – “Irene Bikini” By: +FACEPALM+ @ TWE12VE Event

♥ Hair – “Dymitrea Hair” BY: NYNE @ TWE12VE Event

♥Necklace – “My Boho Necklace” By: !IT! @ TWE12VE

♥ Heels – “Snapdragon” By: Empire For LuxeBox – June Edition

♥ Glasses – “Kitty Nerd Glasses” BY: #187 @ mainstore

♥ Lip Applier – “Gia” By: ZIBKSA @ The Vintage Fair

♥ Nail Applier – “Pantone” By: ALME @ Mainstore

MC & Facepalm #1

MC & Facepalm #2

♥ In the photo below – “Pink Hair Flower – Gacha” : By LUSH @LUSH

JUNE 16th FacePalm and MC Oasis #5_EDITJUNE 16th Facepalm and MC Oasis #8_EDIT


MC & Facepalm #3

~New At The INSPIRATION Event Inspired By Betty Boop!!~

🍒 At early access I found myself stunned after taking a taxi to the Inspiration Event because the sim was decorated so adorably. It was the perfect setting for a summer shopping spree! The theme that inspired this event this round was Betty Boop, “Love It!” I bought a sweet retro outfit called “Betty Bath Suit” by: IRRISISTIBLE and of course I selected the cherry print! Included in the outfit was a straw bag, heels bodysuit, hat, and prim bow if desired to wear on the front of the suit & a very nice designed hud. In the photos below I’m wearing the bodysuit, hat, & straw bag. Can you tell I had a fantastic time?😊🍒😊

Inspiration #1Photos By: Cherri Oh

Outfit/Style Card

♥ Bodysuit, Hat, Straw Bag(Heels were included but not featured in these photos) – “Betty Bath Suit Outfit” By: Irrisistible @ Inspiration Event

♥ Hair – “Mood Hair” By: Tableau Vivant @ KUSTOM9(I adore this cute and very fashionable hair! Great job TV)

♥ Heels –  “Lilium Heels” By: Glamistry for FLF (50L a pair!)Woot!

♥ Earrings – “Cherry Jewels” By: *PC* @ Past Lost & Found event

♥ Lip Applier – “Powie Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ Mainstore

♥ Nail applier –  “Cupid’s Sparkle” By: ALME Mainstore

Inspration #2INSPARTION #3A🍒This darling sweet little pillow/stool/puff – called -“Puffy Pillow” By: LUSH @ TWE12VE Event going on right now!! The Pillow comes with 15 poses & 20 textures!💗💗💗 I love it  TY  LUSH! T061217LUSH
Inspiration #1A


Inspration #2A

A Fabulous Find @ The TWE12VE Event this Month!

             HIPHOP.&& ♥ ♥ Shake It Up To Your Favorite Jams ♥ ♥ HIPHOP ^ # $ 4

                                In your own HipHop Seaside Club!

                                    Get yours at the TWE12VE Event

                       Here’s your TAXI:⇒An Evil Bunny Production


♥ Fantastic Club Called ” Seaside Club”  

By: Sass Buildz @By: Sass Buildz @ TWE12VE

SASS Buildzz #4


Sass Buildzzz #5sass buildzz #2_EDIT∗∗∗∗Bar stools, plants, drinks, cotton candy & popcorn machines not included 

June’s TWE12VE Event Is Here!

Love Lace Mystic bikini #1Photos By:Cherri Oh

Outfit / Style Card

♥ Bikini – “Mystic Bikini” By: Love Lace @ TWE12VE Event For June

♥ Hair – “Dory” By: DeskHead @ TWE12VE  Event For June

♥ Flower – “Rare”(gacha) By: LUSH @ EBP SIM

♥ Heels – “Arya Heels By: REIGN (past N21)

♥ Eye Shadow Applier – “Seduction”By: D. Design @ TWE12VE Event For June

♥Lip Applier – “Gia” By: ZIBSKA @ Vintage Fair

♥ Choker – “Shade Choker”(gacha) By: CHAIN (Past Lost & Found) 

♥ Glasses – “Ohji Glasses” By: ZOOM @ The Tropical Summer Fair

♥ Bottled Water – “Kitty Print Water Bottle” By: Copper Mill @ SaNaRae (ends June 18th)

Love lace Mystic Bikini #3

**TAXI To June’s TWE12VE ⇒TWE12VE Brought To You BY: Evil Bunny Productions Event Going On Now!**



Love lace Mystic bikini #2

Summertime Fun In The Sun & Icy Yummy Treats

TRS Designs #2Photos By: Cherri Oh

Outfit – Style Card 

♥ Dress – “Ariel Shell Dress” BY: TRS Designs @ Jersey Shore Beach Bling

♥ Hair – “Grind” By: #FOXY @ Mainstore

♥ Crown – “Beo Aquaia/RARE/Crown  By: ERSCH (Past Gacha) 

♥ Heels – “Emily Heels” By: Phedora @ CutieLoot (May’s Box)

♥ Lip Applier _ “Inga Lips”By: ZIBSKA @ ULTA (Past event)

♥ Nail Applier – “Nakama Nails” By: ALME @ Mainstore

♥ Ice Cream  – “Blooming Stacked Ice Cream (Vanilla) ( past event) [Black Bantam] Inworld store 

TRE Designs #1          JS2 BLING LOGO

TRS Designs #3TRS Ariel Dress #10_EDIT JS2.jpg

~In The Shadows Of My Room~

GRUMBLE #2Photos By: Cherri Oh

Outfit – Style Card

♥ Outfit – “Beach Shorts & Tunic” GRUMBLE @ Jersey Shore 2 Beach Bling

♥ Heels – “Lana Laced Up Heels” Pink Ice Boutique @ Jersey Shore 2 Beach BLING

♥ Hair – (Photos #1 & #3) BY: Tameless Tameless @ Jersey Shore 2 Beach BLING

♥ Hair – (Photo #2) SL 14B //SLB Free Gift @ SL 14B Event

♥ Nail Applier – “Metrico Nails” BY: SlackGirl @ Jersey Shore 2 Beach BLING

♥ Lip Applier – “Wild As You Wanna Be ” BY: BLASPHEMIC

♥ Choker – “Covfefe Choker”BY: !IT! @ Jersey Shore 2 Beach BLING

♥ Rings _ “Kamila Bento Rings” BY SLACKGIRL :SG: @ Jersey Shore 2 Beach BLING


“Vintage Backdrops – Dressing Room “Backdrop BY: ASTRALIA ASTRALIA @ REWIND

“Roller Disco Rug”  BY: Cheeky Pea Cheeky Pea @REWIND

“Nail Polish Rack – Roses with Lights tarte. @ Epiphany (past)


♥ ♫ ♪ ♬ “Dancing On My Own”♫ ♪ ♬ ♥ Tune⇒ Dancing On My Own By Robyn


                                         ≈There’s always a light≈