*They Say She Always Wore A Pink Rose In Her Flowing Raven Hair*

♥KUSTOM9 this round has some fantastic items! Hopefully I’ll blog the rest of what I bought soon. Today I’m blogging this simply glorious “[Hwee Hair] By: [MONSO] don’t forget to pick up the free dainty ribbon earrings (I’m wearing them in photo) too. Isn’t this outfit remarkable? It’s  from “Witch Coven Gacha” by:  =ZENITH= . So get your TP ready to click to KUSTOM 9 ready and visit the [MONSO] kiosk.

ZENITH Witch dress Rare @ Kustom9 pngPhotos By:Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – ” Witch Coven Dress Gacha-RARE”(Hands & skull attached to the dress!)By: =ZENITH= @ KUSTOM9 

♥ Hair – “[Hwee Hair]” By: [MONSO] @ KUSTOM9

♥ Horns – “Witch Coven Rose Horns- Common”By: =ZENITH= @ KUSTOM9

♥ Heels – “Witch Boots-RARE” By: =ZENITH= @ KUSTOM9

♥ Lip Applier – “Pierina Lips”By: ZIBSKA


Other objects in photos:

Candy Corn , Glitter Leaves,& Stacked Centerpiece Pumpkins By: Moss&Mink

Backdrop “Horrorfest Gacha” By Astralia@ EPIPHANY


Time For A Hauntingly Cozy Dinner Just Right For Two…Would You Care To Join Me?

dining set #7_00EDITPhotos By:Cherri Oh

The Khargo Halloween Dining Set!

Spooky but oh so much fun for that Halloween special dinner that any “ghoul”would be proud to serve a meal on! Look at all the incredible detail! I was floored when I rezzed it out of the box and saw the outstanding texturing & detail. For me the spiderwebbing really was jaw dropping! The table has menu anainmations changer and each chair has poses. The set is copy/modify too. Land Inpact is 5LI/10LIGet yours today atTheTWE12VE Event October Round

dining set #1_00EDITdining set #4_00EDIT

~Black Magic Woman~

♥ ♥ This spectacular “Temptress Gown” is stunningly gorgeous, I love how the bottom & top layer of this garment has a sheer organza-like fabric. The detail and texture is outstanding with it’s web & spider brocade! Included with the Temptress gown are sets of wings, gloves and mesh eyes!! WOW!! Sizes included; Maitreya (I’m wearing that), Belleza, Slink & four standard sizes. You’ll find it at the October Round Of TWE12VE TAXI to TWE12VE  Ends on the 31st Of October so hurry on down!

(♥ ♥ I’d like to mention while visiting the TWE12VE event make sure you look around at the other events at the sim. There’s a fantastic hunt going on for Halloween with some lovely prizes and if you can believe this, each hunt prize is only $1L (see my previous posts for more information and blogged items from The BOO! Bunny Hunt Here’s the Hunt Starting Point )

tameless #10_002 EDIT-2Photos By: Cherri Oh

Outfit/Styling Card

♥ Gown – “Temptress Gown Set” By: TAMELESS @ TWE12VE October round

♥ Necklace – (Isn’t this necklace so fantastic!?) “Itsy Bitsy Spider Necklace” BY: !IT! @ TWE12VE October round

♥ Hair – “Morgana Hair” (comes with a hood & bindi option) By: #FOXY @ SALEM Event

♥ Heels – “Magica Heels” By: PHEDORA (for Fifty Linden Friday) 2 weeks ago

♥ Wand – “Pumpkin Gacha Wand -RARE BY: ERSCH (this “wand” is amazing it has a pose and comes with a color hud )!@ Gacha Guardians

♥ Lip Applier – “Prima Lips” By: ZIBSKA

♥ Nail Applier – “Halloween Gacha #10” By: ALME (past gacha)

tameless #7_00EDITtameless #8_001 EDITtameless #10_00EDIT

EBP Evil Bunny Productions Logo

tameless #4_EDIT Atameless #3_EDIT

My *Cute Little Monster Baby* & Love’s Smexy-Cute Halloween [Doll Baby] Gacha From The Secret Hideout

LOVE babydoll #3_EDITPhotos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Skirt, Panties & Bra/Top(orange & black) – “[Doll Baby]” Gacha By: Love @ The Secret Hideout

♥ Boots – “[Risky Nights Boots]” By: Love

♥ Hair – “[Cry Baby Hair]” By: Love @ The Secret Hideout

♥ Hair Wreath – “Pretty Things ” Gacha Aster (orange) By: LODE @ The Chapter 4

♥ Doll – “Such A Cute Monster” Gacha holdable cuddle doll By: Les Sucreries Fairy @ The Chapter 4

♥ Necklace – “Ouija Necklace” By: ERSCH

LOVE babydoll #8_EDIT A


SwaysTAXI to Sway’s

Pumpkin Craving Table

Autumn Pumpkin Decorations

Halloween Lanterns 

Harper Crate Bench

Bees Design : Black Cats, 

Hive: Basket of Pumpkins & Falling Pumpkins

Blue Sky: Stacked Potted Pumpkins 

Maven Homes: House

LOVE babydoll #6_EDIT

LOVE babydoll #7_EDIT

Can You Paint With All The Colors In The Wind? (more FaMESHed!)

Cest la vie Fameshed #6_EDITPhotos By:Cherri Oh


♥ Skirt – “Jenna Skirt”By: {Le Fil Casse} @ FaMESHed

♥ Top – “Cassandra Bra/Top” Cassandra gacha-RAREBy: {Le fil Casse}

♥ Hair – “Mallory Hair”By: Nani. @ The Secret Hideout (don’t forget to pick up your free devil headband at the kiosk its perfect for this Halloween season)

♥ Heels – “Carolina Heels” By: _CandyDoll_ @ Shoetopia

♥ Choker – “Chiyo Choker” RARE  By: Momochuu 

♥ Lip Applier “Rillie Lips” By: ZIBSKA

Cest la vie Fameshed #9_EDITCest la vie Fameshed #4_EDITCest la vie Fameshed #1_EDIT

More From My FaMESHed Haul

Wow! FaMESHed this round is simply spectacular! It’s no surprised that I’m a shopaholic in RL & SL (if any of you want to hear about my adventures with any of my shopping hauls be it RL or SL just add a comment) and FaMESHed this round was just my downfall in elimination of $L Lindens from my SL wallet  but what fun I had and what sensational things I found at the event! I wanted everything!! 

ZENITH & [MONSO] #1_EDITPhotos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Off The Shoulder Dress” By: ZENITH @ FaMESHed

♥ Boots – “Hendrix Boots” By: [BREATHE]@ FaMESHed

♥ Hair – “[Daenery’s Hair]” Amazing brilliant textured hair!By: [MONSO] @ FaMESHed

♥ Choker – “Sophistique Choker” (very lovely choker) I also bought the cuffs not wearing them in this photoBy: Empyrean Forge @ FaMESHed

♥ Lip Applier – “Garda Lips” BY ZIBSKA

ZENITH & [MONSO] #4_EDITOther items in the photos:

“Oberlin Potted Caladium” By: Loft & Aria

“Lorraine Light Art Pink” By: Sequel

“Rames Consol” By: Fancy Decor (gacha)

“Ulysses Butterfly Framed” By” Apple Fall (gacha)

“Butterflies Under Glass Set” By: {Vespertine}

“Bouquet de Roses RARE By: ARISKEA ( I played that gacha “The Florist” at the last Arcade round so much I really wanted that sweet trolley but no luck sadly, but this RARE is sublime & PINK! 

Westmore House (furnished)  By: MAVEN Homes


Beautifully Designed & Textured Daenerys Hair By [MONSO]

Please visit the [MONSO] Kiosk @ FaMESHed


A Be”Witch”ing Halloween (BOO! Bunny Hunt6)



♥ Dress – “Halloween Witch Dress”By: #BYE For BOO! Bunny Hunt6

♥ Hair & Hat – “Liv Hair” Witch Hat By:BY: .EscalateD. For BOO! Bunny Hunt6

♥ Necklace – “Bad Moon Rising” BY: Indulge Temptation For BOO! Bunny Hunt6

♥ Rings – “Bento RingsB!BH6” By: BLAXIUM For BOO! Bunny Hunt6

♥ Hand Tattoo – “Omega 13 Tattoo” By: LUSH For BOO! Bunny Hunt6

♥ Broom & Pose – ” Cherry Broom” Wiccan Wears For BOO! Bunny Hunt6

♥ Heels – “Magica Heels”By: PHEDORA for FLF

♥ Nail Applier  – “Sugar Skulls”LIVIA @Mad Circus

Adorable Halloween Board & Pumpkins By: DreamScapes For BOO! Bunny Hunt6


🎃The Boo! Bunny Hunt, going on till Oct. 31, is a fun filled Halloween hunt. Just follow the trail of candy and look for your Halloween themed prizes! Only $1L each! I hope you read my blog posts for more wonderful featured prizes. What a fabulous way to have Halloween fun! TAXI to the BOO! Bunny Hunt’s starting point Good Luck Everyone! Hope to see you all there🎃


mad circus logo 3


🎃No Tricks,Just Treats🎃

🎃Come, Have Fun Hunting At The Boo! Bunny Hunt #6! Just look for the candy trail Like this==>Candy example for Boo! Bunny Hunt6and for $1L you’ll receive a fabulous prize! Here is your starting point “Grumble” .There are 90 sensational designers involved, that means at least 90 marvelous  prizes! You have till October 31st to gather up your prizes so be quick! Here is the “HINT” page So On Your Mark, Get Set,…….HUNT!!

Boo! Bunny Hunt DAC pj's #2_EDIT APhotos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Outfit – “Mesh Janet Halloween PJ’s By: De Alba Creations @ BOO! BUNNY HUNT6

♥ Slippers – “Kitty Feet Slippers” BY: Little Lama @ Sa Na Rae (free birthday gift) Till Oct 18th

♥ Hair – “Avy Hair” BY: PR!TTY @ Chapter 4

♥ Lip Applier – “Della Lips” BY ZIBSKA

Boo! Bunny Hunt DAC pj's #4_EDIT

Additional items: 

Halloween Sign & Halloween Pumpkins (adorable!) ByDreamScapes Decor For Boo! Bunny Hunt6

Teddy Bear By Mish Mish

Halloween Treat Cart By: :DH:

Boo! Bunny Hunt DAC pj's #3_EDIT-A

For more information about events & hunts from Evil Bunny Productions here’s the blog link to EBP Blog

Boo! Bunny Hunt DAC pj's #1_EDIT

And At Last I See The Light


Such a darling dress! “Lacey Sheer Ruffle Dress” By: MOoH!

This weeks 50% Group discount is this cute lace ruffle dress with 10 color hud for 50% discount

Oct 6 – Oct 19​ in the main store. Wear your tag. MOoH!TAXI

Lacey Dress MOoH!


♥ Dress – “Lacey Sheer Ruffle Dress” By MOoH!

♥ Hair –  “Jieun Hair” By: [MONSO] @ Collabor 88

♥ Choker – “Overlook Choker” By: SLACKGIRL @ Mad Circus

♥ Earring – “Viper Studs” BY: Slackgirl 

♥ Heels  – “Hortensia Heels” By: Glamistry (past Fifty Linden Friday)

♥ Bag – “Takeout Box Bag” By: ASTEROIDBOX

♥Lip Applier – “Inga Lips”By: ZIBSKA

♥ Barrettes – “Left Barrettes” Gacha 2016


This Adorable Perfect Messy Bun Hair By: [MONSO] can be found at the Collabor 88 this round TAXI for Collabor88

TAXI to [MONSO] mainstore


[MONSO] Jieun Hair C88-1


The Bewitching Hour

TWE12VE SALEM dress #6_EDITPhotos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Outfit- Dress, Gloves & Bikini – “Salem Dress” By: By: ~Le Fashion Whore~ @ TWE12VE (October round)-starts today October. 12th 

♥ Heels – “Sabrina Boots” By:*SOHOe SHOeS* @ TWE12VE (Oct Round) Opens Oct 12th

♥ Necklace – “Dead Moon Rising Necklace” By: !IT! (10L$)BY: Indulge Temptation @ Boo! Bunny Hunt 6(Oct 3rd till the 31st) 

♥ Choker – “Jana Gacha Lace Choker” By: MomochuuOctober 2016)

♥ Hat – “Witch Hat”- Sugar Savage Gacha From Candy Fair 2016 By:[DECOY]

♥ Clutches – Cat Clutches  (Formal- RARE White with red bow & Black  Cat clutch) By” LaGyo – Halloween 2016

♥ Lip Applier – “Prima Lips” By: ZIBSKA