Cute Ladybugs & Lighthouses

AUG 23 2019 ladybugs TGL #1_001EDITPhotos By:Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Ladybug Songleader Gacha Dress”#10 by: LMagnumas @ The Gacha Life

♥ Ice Cream – “Delisioco Flavor Blast Ice Cream Cones”/Strawberry Blast Gacha by: Diamante @ The Gacha Life

♥ Hair – “Regina Hair” by: DOE for Fifty Linden Friday

♥ Heels  – “Impatiens Heels” by EMPIRE for Fifty Linden Friday

♥ Earrings – “Bella Earrings” by: [FETCH]


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It’s Back To School @ The Gacha Life Event

AUG 23 2019 GRUMBLE TGL #4_001EDITPhotos byCherri Oh


♥ Skirt – “School Spirit Skirt/Diamonds” by: GRUMBLE@ THe Gacha Life

♥ Drink – “Study-Aid/Live-Laugh-Love Cup” by: Diamante @ The Gacha Life

♥ Top – “Keely Top” by: Scandalize @ C88

♥ Hair – “Rosalie Hair” by: [MONSO] @ KUSTOM9

♥ Heels – “Miako Heels gacha” by: BREATHE


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AUG 23 2019 GRUMBLE TGL #2_001EDIT


AUG 22 2019 DREAMCATCHER #7_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh
♥ This lovely lingerie outfit is a beautiful gacha “Your Day Outfit” by Sparrow & Dreamcatcher at Unik!  but hurry the event ends soon and try a few plays because the Unik! event will be over on August 28th!


♥ Top, shorts & heels – “Your Day Outfit” gacha #3 by: Sparrow & +Dreamcatcher+ @ Unik! Event ends August 28th

♥ Hair – “Porcelain Hair” by: Stealthic @ C88

♥ Drink – “Espresso Drink” by: ChicChia @ Equal10


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More Neon From TWE12VE Event

AUG 17 2019 FREDA #7_001EDIT - CopyPhotos by:Cherri Oh


♥ Dress & Heels  – “Lucinda Dress & Heels”/pink by: Freda @ TWE12VE

♥ Nails – “Bento Sexy Angel Nails” & “Neon Nail Polish” by:  {LBB} @ TWE12VE

♥ Hair – “Becca/gacha” by: Exile (I know I hardly ever wear dark hair colors! LOL)

♥ Rings – “Art Deco Rings” by: {YUMMY} mainstore

♥ Lip Applier – “Karon Lips” by: ZIBSKA

♥ Backdrops by Minimal

AUG 17 2019 FREDA #6_001EDIT - CopyAUG 17 2019 FREDA #8_001EDIT - Copy

More From The Fable Event & +Dreamcatcher+

AUG 17 2019 DREAM CATCHER & FABLE #5_001EDITPhoto by: Cherri Oh

This beautiful magical castle gate is by Simply Shelby at The Fable Event going on now until August 31st. The theme is “Once Upon A Time” hurry over for some fairytale items & clothes.

Items in photos

♥ “Once Upon A Time Castle Gate” by: Simply Shelby @ The Fable Event

♥ “Old Curtains” Very regal!! (has a 5 texture hud also included are 4 size versions )by: +Dream Catcher+ @ Enchantment Event

♥ “Rabbit In The Moon Windchimes” by: Follow The White Bunneh” @ The Fable Event

♥ “Scarlet Sunflower Fountain”/gacha by: Adorably Strange Wares @ The Fable Event

♥ “Antique Rune Wreath” by: Storax Tree @ The Fable Event

♥ “Celestial Hanging Seat” (Gift 10L)  by: Simply Shelby @ The Fable Event

♥ “White Bird Grass” by: E.V.E (old gift)


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You Gotta Watch This!




⇒ SL Video: “Made In Second Life: LINK

Hello my amazing readers! Just a quick post on this fun Second Life video I hope you all watch it.

If you haven’t seen this Second Life video (see link below)  by the enormously fabulous, informative & talented Draxtor  (←his YouTube Channel Link/ don’t forget to subscribe) then click on link below. Warning!  Don’t blink (LOL) its a fast paced, whirlwind video with a wealth of information on Second Life. Plus flashes of some of my favorite vloggers, bloggers, creators, sims, activities and way way way more!

Thank you Drax for always bringing to us inspiring, fun, informative, & touching  stories that touch SL & our RL. Please check out this “Sneak Peek Made In SL “Video !    I’ve watched it several time! LOL 😀 Last but not least, Thank you Linden Labs for bringing so many of us the phenomenal virtual world of Second Life ♥ ♥ ♥

LINK To: Draxtor’s Channel (please subscribe)

LINK To: “Made In Second Life” video

How About A Beach Picnic?

AUG 14 2019 SWAY's TLC #5_001EDITPhoto by:Cherri Oh

♥ It’s always nice to take along a basket of goodies when picnicking on the beach, I always take extra because you never no who you’ll bump into. In this case these two like rascals decided to help themselves without being in invited. There’s something about the sea air I guess that makes one ravenous. Good thing I always bring extra! LOL 😀

♥ The [Leila]Set by Sway’s can be found right now at The Liaison Collaborative going on now. It’s available as a set or sold separately, the set includes:

A Blanket with fringes and pillows with 12 Single and 10 Couple animations

Also 3 texture options for blanket and 3 texture options for pillows
Basket with Sunscreen, Towel and Sunglasses
Fruits on cutting board
Wooden Arch with Paper Lanterns in colorful and beige
♥ Items in the photo:
The [Leila] Beach Picnic Set
[Leila] Blanket and pillow, [Leila] Wooden arch with lantern/colorful, [Leila] Fruit on cutting board, [Leila]Basket by: Sway’s @ The Liaison Collaborative
[Chole] Picnic Basket, [Chole] Picnic Food, [On The Beach] Coconut Drink, [Tenby] Sling Back Chair Foot-rest/fish pattern, [Creativity] Magazine by: Sway’s mainstore
Dreamy Outing Croissant Sandwiches, Sweetheart Potato Chips  by: Dust Bunny
Standing Poms Grey & Brown by: [Black Bantam]
Watermelon Punch by: OkiDoki