*Have A Heart*

Jan 22 2019 GRUMBLE #5_001EDITPhoto by : Cherri Oh

♥ Lots of cute things at TWE12VE this month hurry over before it ends! (ends January 31st)


♥ Dress – “Fiona Dress/Suckers” by: GRUMBLE @ TWE12VE

♥ Hair – “Mirage Hair” by: Stealthic Hair


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TWE12VE JAN 2020

Visiting A “Chashitsu”

Jan 2019 20th MONSO #4_001EDITPhotos ByCherri Oh

♥ “Chashitsu” means(茶室, “tea room”) in Japanese tradition is an architectural space designed to be used for tea ceremony (chanoyu) gatherings. Incredible what we can find in Second Life! Just a strike of a key and here I am in Japan! (I’m trying to sway my fiancé    in going to Japan on our honeymoon LOL wish me luck he keeps saying “Vegas” or “Hawaii” but I have my heart set on Japan so cross fingers I have a over year to work on him!


♥ Hair – “Julia Hair” (very sweet realistic tousled hair) by: [MONSO] @KUSTOM9

♥ Dress – “Juicy Gacha/Dress #6”  (cute gacha!) by: Dami @ KUSTOM9

♥ Heels – “Hona Su Heels” by: Breathe @ C88


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Jan 2019 20th MONSO #5_001EDIT

Need A Little Amusement?

Jan 2019 CC amsument #1`_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ You just never know who you’ll meet at the premium sandboxes!!! Last week, I think it was last week..anyways, I was building a scene to take some blog photos at one of the premium sandboxes and noticed someone standing watching. At first I thought they were wondering “what the heck is this girl doing” (meaning me LOL) because I forgot how to link prims, so I was rezzing flat squares and texturing them to build an open box/room and just making each flat square meet, to make what I needed A bit crude but it works 😀 Don’t laugh at me, but for someone that’s been on SL as long as I, I should be able to build a simple box I know! I know! Shame on me! Ok, back to what I’m trying to blog about. Noticing the other avi watching I said “hello” and the conversation then began with this very interesting and creative Second Life creator named Celeste Cazenove. After some small talk I found out Celeste better known as “CC” makes these incredible carnival rides and midway games plus way,way,way more. She’s been creating them for around three years ever since she realized how land impact heavy the rides were on SL and thought she could make them lower impact and more Disney/Playland-like themed. CC was very kind to invite me to her display/park  where I spent almost an hour chatting and trying “some” of the rides! It was mind boggling to see such creativity! This blog post isn’t doing it justice at all! If you have and empty spot on your parcel you might want to head over to her display. In fact her newer creations are call “Compact Carnivals” so they’re even lower land impact! I had a blast, honestly there are so many rides my photos didn’t capture them all  but here’s a few: “The Noodle Caboodle Ride”, “The Sky Scraper Coaster”, “The Haunted Orphan Asylum Thrill Ride” (super spooky ooky! Great for any scary or Halloween sim!), “The PipeDreams Waterslide” (so much fun!) and “Splash Falls Mountains”. Here’s the link to CC’s Marketplace  CC’s Fish Factory & Compact Carnival  and her’s CC’s Inworld Store It really always astounds me just how much creativity there is in Second Life! Thanks CC and hugzzz ♥ ♥ ♥ (if I missed anything CC add it in the comments for others to read and thank you my friend!!)

Jan 2019 CC amsument #3_001edit

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Link To: CC’s Fish Factory & Compact Carnival in Second Life Marketplace

Jan 2019 CC amsument #4_001EDITJan 2019 CC amsument #2_001EDIT

Beautifully Refined

Jan 2019 18th REFUGE #6_001EDIT copyPhoto by: Cherri Oh

♥ My intention in this photo was to display this beautiful “Lara” set (chairs & table) by Refuge  to show off this lovely refined space that provides a warmth relaxing atmosphere that was inspired by the lovely “Lara Set” ♥

Refuge Items In Photo: 


“Lara Chairs” (in black) curve lines pleasing to the eye and comfort

“Lara Sidetable”  constructed with an elevated style with a feel of minimalism

“LC Buffet Table” nicely displays  your book collections or bric or brac

“Spring Gala” take lights  (in white) every room needs a little sparkle

“Autumn Candlesticks” for bit of romantic ambiance


Other Items:

Apple Fall

“West Village Painted Indian Dough Bowl (FLF)”

“Pheasant Feathers”

“Ceramic Pug”

“Ornamental Elephant (bronze)”

“Althea Antique Rug (dark)”


“GreenPlant Coiled Short”

“Green Plant Coiled Tall”


“Paris Books”

Loft & Aria


“Weldon Heart Plant”


“Kenzie Palm Plant”


“Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant”


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Refuge logo

Feelin’ Rosey

Jan 2019 18th dreamcatcher #2_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ You know it’s true, that saying about New England and weather. “If you don’t like the weather now, just wait a few minutes” It was in the 50’s a few days ago, but yesterday and today its freezing in the teens and at the moment it’s snowing! I heard Tuesday it’s going to be sunny and  in the 40’s! Yup, typical New England weather and I love it!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I plan on staying in this weekend, keeping warm and catching up on several projects. Luv yas!♥


♥ Bodysuit – “Tatiana Bodysuit” by: +Dreamcatcher+ for the Sweet Kisses Hunt ends January 20th 

♥ Bodysuit Roses – “Rosaline Baby Roses” by: +Dreamcatcher+ for the Sweet Kisses Hunt ends Jaunuary 20th 

♥ Heels – “Classic Heels” by: +Dreamcather+ for the Sweet Kisses Hunt ends January 20th 

♥ Hair – “Kathleen Hair” by: DOUX @ EQUAL10


TAXI To: +Dreamcatcher+


Jan 2019 18th dreamcatcher #6_001EDIT

Midday At The Cafe

Jan 2019 11th 12th#1_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ Seems like a long time since I posted but its only been a few days since my last post. Like so many others I’m still not feeling 100% since the bronchitis episode and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. My full time RL job is pretty demanding I usually work on average 10 to 12 hours per day. In addition, I also have two part time jobs that started out as a favor, filling in for others and became permanent part time (twice a week) since both business owners were long time acquaintances and to be honest I really enjoyed both of the part time jobs. It’s been a little struggle pushing myself, I don’t like letting anyone down. Hopefully, I’ll be back in the swing of my blogging too! Hugs all and  stay healthy.

♥ ♥ ♥ Sending prayers:  please remember all the victims and loved ones from recent Ukraine International Airline crash ♥ ♥ ♥ 

♥ This “Myka Dress” by Changed Seasons @ TWE12VE reminded me of resort wear to be wore in a sunny place midday/early evenings.


♥ Dress – “Myka Dress” by: Changed Seasons @ TWE12VE January round

♥ Hair – “Kathleen Hair” by: DOUX @ EQUAL10

♥ Heels – “Naoka Heels” by: Breathe



TWE12VE JAN 2020


Like My Hair? Gee, Thanks!! I Got It! At C88

Jan 2019 12th MONSO #2_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ Yup! I found some incredible finds like this “Gabriella Hair” by [MONSO]  at Collabor88


♥ Hair – “Gabriella Hair” (I love that way [MONSO] makes her beautiful wispy hairs!) by: [MONSO] @ Collabor88

♥ Top & Skirt – “Elle Outfit” /holo by: Caboodle @ C88

♥ Heels – “Hon Su Heels” by: Breathe @ C88

♥ Earrings – “Celeste Earrings” by: e.marie for Saturday Sale

♥ Llama – “Cold Freak Plush Llama” by: evie


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Jan 2019 12th MONSO #5_001EDIT

Spending The Day In Jammies

Jan 2019 12th MOOH NOVA #3_001editPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ Yup, I did I spent most of my Sunday in my jammies! After church and “Coffee & Time” with the lovely people of my parish I headed home with one thought, wanting to get back under my comfy covers. After battling bronchitis a few weeks back I’m still not feeling a 100% so all I could think about on the way home from mass was getting back into my nice warm cuddly jammies and bed. Rarely do I ever feel lazy since I’m kind of a spaz in fact my brothers call me the Energizer Bunny because of my tendency to be on the go and aways doing something. It felt wonderful and bit naughty to just do nothing and hang out in my jammies, I think we all could use a day like this. ;P …….. but I cheated by blogging LOL


♥ Jammies – “Nova PJ Outfit” by: MOoH! mainstore (January’s group gift, be sure to wear your MOoH! group tag when picking your cute “Nova” jammies up)

♥ Slippers – “Bunny Slippers” by: Dust Bunny for Fifty Linden Fridays

♥ Hair – “Playful Hair” by: DOUX

♥ Bunny – “Little Bunny” #10 by:  SEmotion Libellune

Jan 2019 12th MOOH NOVA #1_001edit

19 Question Challenge/Thank You!!


♥ I just want to take the time to thank everyone who participated in “The Vlogger/Blogger 19 Question Challenge”  If anyone else would like to participate please feel free to do so and send me the link to your post so I can add it to the others.

♥ Info on the challenge 19 Question Challenge Link

Big Thankies To: 

Orca’s Thar She Blows Blog

Sadie Hunter’s Blog

Isabelle Cheren’s Blog/Vlog

ReadMeri’ Blog

Wynn’s Shop Sl

Tiffany’s Blended Beauty Blog

HoneyBee Happy’s Vlog

Emlies Emlies’s Inventory

♥ ♥ ♥ Luv ya all  and if any of you have a blog challenge please drop me a message I’d love to participate! ♥ ♥ ♥

*In A Girl Power Mood*

Jan 2019 11th Sweet Evil shorts #2_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Sometimes we just want to express a mood we’re feeling and for me today it was a sense of “Girl Power”.  Earlier today we ( my three brothers and I) planned on heading to Boston since I wanted to take them to a wonderful restaurant I had been to recently when Dave was home, how I got elected to drive into the city is still a mystery to me. LOL! After driving around the block for a while, I noticed a pretty sweet spot not to far from the restaurant and I decided to try to squeeze my MDX into it. As I was maneuvering the car into the tight spot I was hearing a lot of doubts from my peanut gallery brothers, so of course I wasn’t going to let their skepticism frighten me off. It took a few turns of the wheel and and pulling in and out, but at the end I was successful. My “Doubting Thomas” brothers were now praising my parking skills and I definitely felt empowered, specially when I heard one of them say “I don’t think I could gotten this car into this spot!”  Hence, my Girl Power mood! 😀


♥ Shorts – “Combat Shorts” (with unlimited hud textures) by: Sweet Evil @ TWE12VE

♥ Hair – “Kathleen Hair” by:  DOUX @ EQUAL10

♥ Top – “Lucky Bunny Gacha/#17 white top by: LOKI (older gacha)

♥ Boots – “Trinity Boots” by: Phedora

♥ Glasses – “Aviator Glasses” by: Sweet Evil mainstore


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Jan 2019 11th Sweet Evil shorts #4_001EDIT