Stormy Halloween Nite

XXXTASI OCT 28 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh


♥ Romper – “Skelly”Bodysuit #1 By: Xxxtasi @Spookzilla Hunt

♥ Stockings & Heels – “Spooky Socks” #3 By: Xxxtasi  @ Spookzilla Hunt

♥ Hair – “Zoe Hair” by: DOUX

♥ Umbrella – “My Umbrella Gacha” RARE Light by: A.N.C. Ltd


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Xxxtasi New LogoXXXTASI OCT 28 2019 #2_001EDIT

Cute Halloween Decor: BBH8 Hunt Finds!

BOO! Bunny OCT 28 2019 #2_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

What do you think? Cute pumpkin with leaves & Halloween Mat, cute huh? Well they can be yours, just got look and find them at The Broken Glass Boutique for Boo! Bunny Hunt 8

 Link:: To starting point for The Boo! Bunny Hunt8

LINK: To Boo! Bunny Hunt8 Hints

Other items: 
Witch Hat Kitten by Black Bantam

Spooky Ghosts (free) by Apple Fall

Skull Pumpkins by Hive

France House by ROOST

BOO! Bunny OCT 28 2019 #3_001EDIT

Quick Update


Quick update just to let my friends/readers specially the guys know that Timm’s YouTube Channel has begun blogging a new event for the past couple weeks, called The Manly Event.  Naria joins Timm, so you know  there’s going to be plenty of humor! 😀 Check out his latest Manly Event video and get all the details how to join the Manly Event Group and grab yourselves some great deals!

♥Great job Timm♥

♥ LINK To Timm’s Latest Manly Event Video:Timm ‘s Manly Event Video

The Scent Of Autumn

MOOH! OCT 28 2019 #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Autumn colors paint the landscapes with shades of yellow, brown, orange, red, gold and bronze but how do I describe the scent of Autumn? I don’t mean pumpkin lattes, apple pie and spices. What I find hard to describe is that scent of dry and damp  leaves, the crisp cool air that seems to waft its way into everything and everywhere. The scent of Autumn is a very pleasant smell, if you have never had the opportunity to experience the magical scent of autumn, let me say it’s marvelous, at least to me. It’s a scent lingers on clothing, hair and even my sweet doggie’s fur. No matter what “Autumn” candles or diffusers I’ve smelled none can duplicate Mother Nature’s Scent of Autumn. I adore it!!


♥ Top & Skirt – “Penny Dress/Dusk”  (lovely warm “Autumn” feel outfit comes in 12 colors, it’s 50% off discounted only till October 31st) by: MOoH! mainstore

♥ Pose -“Fall Is Here” Bento Pose by: NinaX for The Boo! Bunny Hunt8

♥ Boots – “Hedy Boots” by: CandyDoll

♥ Hair – “Porcelain Hair” by: Stealthic


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TAXI To: Boo! Bunny Hunt8 Starting point

LINK To: Boo! Bunny Hunt8 Hints


MOOH! OCT 28 2019 #5_001EDIT

Bloody Frightening Mess!

SWAY's OCT 27 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

Get your fright on with this set from Sway’s   for The Secret Sunday Sale! 

Items from Sway’s Secret Sunday Sale: Bloody Roped Chairs, Cleared Chairs, Large & Small Blood Puddles, Knocked over chairs, Bloody & Clean Knives. Very gory & fun!!

Sway’s & get your Secret Sunday Items! Secret Sunday Sale is only good from Midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday SL time! Just looking at these photos is freakin me out! 😮

TAXI To:  Sway’s



Other items in photos:

Spiders & Spiderwebs by: half+deer

Horror Corner backdrop by ninety

SWAY's OCT 27 2019 #1_001EDIT

!What Was That!……..Scary!

dreamcatcher & moneso OCT 23 2019 #10_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

⊗ This Spooky Scary Halloween Sim is The Haunting Hill Valley/Basenville take a tp over and prepare yourself for some Halloween thrills and spills! ⊗



♥ Earrings – “Breath Of Death” earrings (amazing detail & beautiful colors!!) by: By: +DreamCatcher+ Hell’s Gate Event

♥ Hair – “Tomomi Hair” (cute hair! I love how the sides are tucked behind the ears)  by:[MONSO] @ KUSTOM9

♥ Skirt & Top – “Witchcraft Academy Student Top  & Skirt” #8/#1 by: Dead Dollz @ Epiphany

♥ Drink – “Halloween Sweets” gacha #11 RARE by: ChicChica @ The Arcade

♥ Boots – “Satori Boots”/RARE by: {Le Fil Casse}

♥ Rings – “Corrine Rings” by: (YUMMY)

dreamcatcher & moneso OCT 23 2019 #3_001EDIT

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DReamcatcher Breath of death

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TAXI To: +Dreamcatcher+ @ Hell’s Gate

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DREAMCATCHER LOGOmonso-logo:bloggerdreamcatcher & moneso OCT 23 2019 #12_001edit

Devil-liously Webbed Dress

GRUMBLE BBH8 OCT 23 2019 #8_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Don’t you just love hunts on Second Life? I do! Half the fun is searching for the gift! Well, Evil Bunny Productions always has fabulous hunts this Boo! Bunny Hunt8 is no exception, that’s were you can find this gorgeous Spider Queen Dress by Grumble. Get on a comfy pair of shoes and come hunting with me!

Beginning point:HERE! Check below for the link to the hunt hints 😉


♥ Dress – “Glam Knotted Spider Queen Dress”  & Choker by: Grumble for The Boo! Bunny Hunt8

♥ Hair – “Mallory Hair”/ and horns by: NANI

♥ Heels – “Larkspur Heels” by: #Empire

♥ Lantern – “Lilith Mother of Demons”/lantern/exclusive  by: Luas@ The Epiphany 

TAXI To: Boo! Bunny Hunt8 Starting Point

LINK To: Boo! Bunny Hunt8 Hints



Backdrops by The Bearded Guy 

GRUMBLE BBH8 OCT 23 2019 #1_001EDIT

~Friendships In Second Life~


Second Life and Friendships

This post has been a long time coming, maybe because I have so many really close lifelong friends in my RL but have a lack of any in SL that why this subject has been weighing on my mind.

When I joined Second Life way, way, way, back in 2011 I found it very easy to make friends, friends that I kept for many years but little by little they lost interest in SL or RL issues called or for some other reason left Second Life.

Truthfully, I do spend most of my time alone when I am on SL since I like working on my blog alone, setting up blog scenes, scoping out sims and putting together outfits for blog photos and posts. Then from time to time I do miss hanging with friends and I have tried to fill that void by reaching out a hand of friendship to others, especially other bloggers and vloggers.

What I’m thinking is perhaps most people I have reached out to have their group of friends and adding a new friend might change the balance of the group so I completely understand. On the other hand maybe its better to be on my own, maybe its less drama 😛 anyways, I honestly miss the fun and high jinks of being with a group of SL friends. We had such fun times I could write many blog posts about the hilarious, goofy incidents we shared 😀

Last month I TPed to several “Help” & “Safe Hub” sims thinking I might meet some new friends there but shockingly I found those places to be almost barren of people. (how to new SLers get help???)

Please let me know about your views and experiences on Second Life friendships, I’d love to hear from you it so please leave a comment.

Luv Ya All


!Black Cats!

MOOH OCT 20 2019 #6_001EDITPhotos by:  Cherri Oh

♥ MOoH! Black Kitten Gacha by MOoH! Is Available @Driftwood Oct 5 – Nov 5.  Cute Black Kitten Gacha is perfect for Halloween the season. Go try your luck today! @ RARES – Kitten Pole & Basket Full Of Kittens

Items In Photos


From The Black Kitten Gacha: Evil Cat Pumpkin Black/Orange, Cat Eating Pumpkin Black/Orange, Cats In Pumpkin Black/Orange, Cat with Skull, Dog With Kittens, Cat With Rat, Cat Pole, Basket Of Kittens.

Other Items: Hive Hay Bales, Heart Quenn Flowers, Heart Sunflowers, Sway’s Pumpkin Craving Tree Stump, Sway’s Spooky & Boo! Scarecrows


TAXI To: Driftwood Event

TAXI To: MOoH! Mainstore

MOOH OCT 20 2019 #5_001edit

Festive Fall Decor & Pumpkins!

SWAY's OCT 20 2019 #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ Fabulous Secret Sunday Sale Items At Sway’s mainstore!!!! (Still available at the mainstore!) Sorry I’m late 😦

Sway’s Secret Sale Items

[Pumpkin] Line Decoration – In words; Fall, Boo! Thanks & Autumn in sizes small-medium & large.

[Martha] Hay Bale Seat With Blanket – 10 animations for up to 2 avatars – 5 color options

[Autumn] Hay Bales With Pumpkins -12 single animations for up to 2 avatars and 8 couple animations

Other items in the photo

Sway’s    – Sway’s Store Landmark

[Hazel] Wooden Cart With Pumpkins

[Harper] Crate Bench

[Boo!] Scarecrow

[Scary] Scarecrow

[Autumn] Hanging Lanterns/Halloween

[Autumn Garden] Stepping Stones/ ghost, pumpkin


Jian  – Store Landmark

Raven Collection Tree


Heart   – Store Landmark

Queen Anne Flowers


TLG  –  Store Landmark

Glam Poppies


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