Skully Cats Wanna Party Too!

Photo by Cherri Oh

MOoH! has a cute gacha this month at the The Gacha Life Event  called “Don’t Disturb The Cat Gacha”!  Don’t you think these supposedly spooky cats are adorable? I do!! Also, while at The Gacha life Event check out MOoH’s other gacha “VooDooDoll Avatar Gacha! It’s Super Cute!

Items in photo from MOoH! The Don’t Disturb The Cat gacha @ The Gacha Life Event 

Pouncing  Cat

Snoring Cat

Cat Ottoman

Cat Chair

Crazy Cat Person Sofa

Cat Licking 

Cat Stalking

Other MOoH! Items

Balloon Laying Skeleton 


Other Items

Kitty String Lights  by +half-deer+

Pumpkins by Sway’s 

TAXI To: MOoH! @ The Gacha Life Event



Sweet Evil’s Cute Cropped Jacket

Photos by: Cherri Oh


♥ Jacket – Cropped Jacket (with universal colors hud!) by: Sweet Evil

♥ Top – “Spaghetti Strap Tank” by: Sweet Evil

♥ Jeans – “Novah Jeans” by: momochuu

♥ Heels – “Obel Heels” by:

♥ Hair – “J0928” by: Tram  @ C88

♥ Drink – “Hallow Gacha/Sweet Latte” by: Michan @ The Arcade

♥ Backdrop by The Bearded Guy


*The Bewitching Hour*

Photos by Cherri Oh


First I’d like to congratulate everyone that was nominated for a “Bloggie” this year! YAY! I’m excited for each and everyone one of you. Hugzz & once more CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!♥


♥ Hair – “Rosie Hair” (truly lovely hair I love with amazing bangs options!) by [MONSO] @ Collabor88 

♥ Dress – “Rowan Dress/sequin” (OMG! When I saw this dress hanging in the kiosk and my jaw dropped! It’s even lovelier on inworld! It has the option to hide the belts/straps and a color hud for the sweet bow, I’m going to have to go back and buy a few other colors of this dress!)   by: -PIXICAT- @ Collabor88 

♥ Heels – “Carolina Heels & Stockings” by: – Candy Doll –

♥ Headpiece – “Cute Bones Headpiece” by: Astralia

♥ Rings – “Raw Crystals Rings” by: (YUMMY)

♥ Earrings – “Marielle Earrings” by: {MOMKO} 

Other items in photo

Dust Bunny – Wiccan Artistry gacha 

Crystal Ball

Rune Stones

Making Smudge Sticks

Herb Bottles

Herb Drawers


Random Matters 

Magical Girl Candles 


The Bearded Guy 

Antique Hall Backdrop 

Halloween Costume Options & A Tiny Word About Being Gracious

Photos by Cherri Oh
#1 Costume: {MONSO] Lalisa/Mid – Here are 3 budget costume options from the The Gacha Life Event LM To TGL

♥ Wow! Second Life is just over the top with the Halloween season! I thought I would share three very reasonable costumes you might like all are from The Gacha Life Event . You also might want to check out Naria Panthar’s YouTube Video on The Creepy Doll Costume video. The past few years Naria’s vlogged some great options for costumes you might get some ideas on costumes that are excellent buys. Halloween like a most holidays on SL & RL can get extremely pricey. Hope you enjoy Naria’s & my selections.

Wearing –  Look#1

♥ Hair – “Lalisa Hair/ Mid Option (this beautiful hair is available on Second Life Market Place) by: [MONSO]  MP

♥ Dress – “Raven gacha dress” #2 by: Blonde Queen @ The Gatcha Life 

♥ Headpiece – “Hellebore Gacha”  by *Lode*

♥ Heels – “Ursula Heels” by: Phedora 

Look #2 “Dragonfly Costume by {Melt} @ The Gacha Life Event

Wearing –  Look#2 

♥ Top, Skirt, Wings & Headpiece – “Buggy Boo gacha”/Drangonfly by:  {Melt} @ The Gacha Life Event 

♥ Hair – “Elvia Hair” by: DOUX

♥ Heels – Edwina Heels” by: Candy Doll

Look #3 Tessa Dress by {Melt} @ The Gacha Life

Wearing –  Look #3 

♥ Dress – “Tessa Gown gacha”/Maple by: {Melt} @ The Gacha Life 

♥ Hair – “Jennie Hair” by: DOUX

♥ Wand – “Pumpkin” Gacha by: ERSCH 

♥ Heels – “Cameroon Heels gacha  by: Essenz


♥♥♥ I wanted to take this time to chat a bit about being gracious♥♥♥

As you may have noticed I personally always mentioned a vlogger or blogger I’ve gotten an idea, inspiration or challenge from for me it very important to show that respect. I’m hoping this isn’t sounding smug or self-righteous, I just feel making sure I give credit where credit is do it’s important and I thank you all whom do the same. Thank you all for being a kind and gracious vloggers/bloggers.

♥ ♥ ♥ Big Thankies & Hugzzz! Luv yas! ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ A Specially Big Thank You to Naria Panther ♥ ♥ ♥



Autumn @ Burrow Coffee & Whiskey Co.

Photos by Cherri Oh

♥ Another Hunt is on it’s way! You know I love hunts! I think I enjoy finding the prizes sometimes more then  getting the prize itself! LOL So get prepared for the The Boo! Bunny Hunt #9 beginning on October 3rd till October 31st. For more details please see the Evil Bunny Site 


♥ Sweater & Skirt – “Gothic Flowers/burnt Skirt & Sweater” by:  Donni’s Dollies for The BBH#9

♥ Boots – “Makiko Boots” by: Breathe

♥ Hair – “Tegan Hair” by: DOUX @ Dubai 

♥ Coffee – “Cold Brew & Car Keys by: .hive. @ Anthem(September Round) 


♥♥♥ Photos taken at Burrow Coffee & Whiskey Co.♥♥♥

So Much I’d Like To Talk About …

♥ WOW! Did everyone see the CATWA HD PRO mesh head yet? I’m sure you have! How revolutionary is this head? It’s sensational and time wise ironic since as you know I just changed from my CATWA Destiny head that I’ve been wearing for 4 years to LeLutka Evo Fleur just a few weeks ago. What to do! This new amazing gorgeous CATWA Majer HDPro head is presenting a huge dilemma for me, I cannot decide which head to buy, the “Soft” or “Edged”. The other day I spent a good 3 hours trying the demos and I still couldn’t decide! 

♥ Speaking of which I thought I’d leave this LINK of Naria Panther’s Tutorial on the CATWA HDPro Majer “Soft” Head Here  so you can all see how lovely the head is and how easy Naria makes it to apply. I personally think she did a fabulous job showing all of us how to use the huds and how to apply the head. It’s a great video for novices and OG SLers like me! It’s  so easy to follow & flawless without all the lengthily chatting, Naria gets straight to the point, which I love her for that! 


Isabelle Cheren   had also done a impressive job with her review that speaks more like a tutorial to me. She gives us a close up of the head and the huds! You can find her video on YouTube HERE    Her accent is so lovely, she can talk about paint drying and honestly I’d sit there blissfully listening to her. 😛 


♥ Speaking of The New CATWA Majer HD Pro Bento Head 

As Seen here on Flickr

♥ I’ve decided to do a Giveaway if/when I reach 1K subscribers, hopefully before 2021 my plan is to give away one of these gorgeous CATWA HDPRO Majer Bento Heads (choice of Soft Or Edged by the winner & the winner must be a subscriber) So let’s cross out fingers I reach 1K subscribers before January 2021. More on this Giveaway soon.

♥ That’s all I think I wanted to talk about today I hope all of you are doing well.

♥ I’d like to take this time to say Thank You too all my Subscribers that have been with me from the beginning, I luv ya all & hugs  ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ Cherri ♥ ♥ ♥

Rose Petal Blue

Photos by Cherri Oh

♥ [Monso] has come out with another gorgeous hair! This time for The Neo Japan Event  which is going on now till the 18th of October. This beautiful hair with is delicate wispy hairs is call Ryo and I’m loving it! You can find it at The Neo Japan Event also visit [MONSO] Mainstore


♥ Hair – “Ryo Hair” by [MONSO]  @ The Neo Japan Event 

♥ Lingerie – “Blossoms” RARE/ older gacha  by :Moon Amore: 

♥ Headpiece – “Blossoms” by :Moon Amore: 

♥ Heels – “Ewina Heels” by: Candy Doll

Party @ The TWE12VE Event

Photos by Cherri Oh


♥ Dress –  “Leona Dress & Heels” (very sparkly party dress!) by: Emerald Couture @ TWE12VE  

♥ Hair – “Tegan Hair” *NEW* by: DOUX @ Dubai 

♥ Rings – “Sweetheart Rings” by: (YUMMY) 

Other Items From TWE12VE Event In Photo

♥ Chair – “Balloon Chair” (with animations only 1LI) by: The Artist Shed @ TWE12VE 


Other Items

♥ Spring Table & Chairs by NewChurch 

♥ Pink & Gold Balloons by Apple Fall