~Strawberry Frosty~

JULY 16th 2020 MONSO #4_001EDIT - CopyABPhotos by: Cherri Oh

I’m loving’ this summery hair by [MONSO] called “Lalisa” you can find it right now @ KUSTOM9 


♥ Hair – “Lalisa Hair” (comes with a 3 style hud) The two tone is adorable!  by: [MONSO] @ KUSTOM9

♥ Skirt – “Yasmin Skirt” by: Le Fil Casse @ KUSTOM9

♥ Frozen Treat – “Gummy Bear Ice Cream”/Strawberry by: Pew Pew @ KUSTOM9

♥ Top – “Mini Kini Bra” by: {VINCUE}

♥ Heels – “Mozumi Heels” by: Breathe @ C88

♥ Eyes – “Fantasy Eyes” Pack #2 by: .Euphoric. @ ACCESS Event

JULY 16th 2020 MONSO #9_001EDIT

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More Beached Bunny Hunt 10

JULY 15th 2020 TBBH10 GRUMBLE #5_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ The Beached Bunny Hunt 10 has some really cute prizes, I featured a few in this post. Just join The Evil Bunny Hunt group it’s free to join and get hunting! Starting Point For The Beached Bunny Hunt10

♥ Top & Shorts – “Ice Cream Tie Top & Shorts” by: Grumble for TBBH10

♥ Shoes – “Alice FlipFlops” by: Blasphemic for TBBH10

♥ Lipstick – “Lip Gloss Life” by: Stunner Originals For The BBH10

♥ Hair – “Dua Hair” by: EQUAL10

♥ Ice Cream – “Tropical Sea Breeze Ice Cream/(mint pink)” by: Yokai @ ANTHEM

JULY 15th 2020 TBBH10 GRUMBLE #7_001EDIT

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TBBH10 logo

Down The Rabbit Hole

July 11th 2020 DTRH Lamlam #2_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ “Down The Rabbit Hole Event” has opened and if you want a little Alice In Wonderland feel, head over to Down The Rabbit Hole (a Evil Bunny Production) Beside some fun “Wonderland” items there is also many free gifts, just join the Evil Bunny Group it’s free to join! DTRH ends July 21st so get hopping!


♥ Hair – “Caprina Hair” by: Firelight Hair for The Down The Rabbit Hole Event

♥ Top – “Strange Things Tee” by: The Bold Lama for The Down The Rabbit Hole Event

♥ Shorts – “Summer Shorts” /Chocolate by YUSUM (I can’t remember if these were a gift or   a gacha)

♥ Sandals – “Michelle Sandals” by: Pure Poison

♥ Rabbit – “Bunny V3” held by: JIAN (FLF)


Bunny Decor – “Floppy Ear Bunnies” JIAN

Cabinet – “Alice Cabinet” by: MOoH!

July 11th 2020 DTRH Lamlam #6_001EDIT A

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EBP Down The Rabbit Hole Texture

“Daisy Jane”

July 9th 2020 MONSO#5_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ As I’ve mentioned many times before I have a deep fondness for 50’s,60’s 70’s & 80’s music it might be a bit unusual for someone born in the 90’s. Perhaps my tastes in music can be attributed to my parents and grandparents. My childhood was filled with Oldies being constantly played at home. Hence the reason you’ll see  me make mention of so many fabulous songs such as “Daisy Jane” by America (1975)

It’s a beautiful song with lovely story lyrics⇒ Listen here

Daisy Jane by: America (1975)

Flyin’ me back to Memphis
Gotta find my Daisy Jane
Well the summer’s gonne
And I hope she’s feelin’ the same
Well I left her just to roam the city
Thinkin’ it would easy the pain
I’m a crazy man and I’m playin’ my crazy game, game
Does she really love me I think she does
Like the star above me I know
Because when the sky is bright
Everything’s all right
Flyin’ me back to Memphis
Honey keep the oven warm
All the clouds are clearin’
And I think we’re over the storm
Well I been pickin’ it up around me
Daisy I think I’m sane
Well I’m awful glad
And I guess you’re really to blame, blame
Do you really love me
I hope you do
Like the stars above me how I love you
When it’s cold at night
Everything’s all right
♥ Hair – “Xinni Hair” by: [MONSO]  @ Collabor88
♥ Top – “Tropical Top”/Flowers Yellow by: Pixicat @ Collabor88
♥ Skirt – “Alexa Skirt”/yellow by: Belle Epoque @ Collabor88
♥ Heels – “Mozumi Heels” by: Breathe @ Collabor88


July 9th 2020 MONSO#9_001EDIT


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Macabrely Beautiful

July 7th 2020 DREAMCATER #6_001EDITPhoto by: Cherri Oh

♥ Bit of a strange photo for me I know, since most of my photos are so pink and girlie I thought this would be great to showcase one of the new “Anatomic Backdrops”  Pack 1 by Dreamcatcher @ The Darkness Fair and take a photo that fits these fabulous backdrops theme.


♥ Bodysuit – “Tatiana Bodysuit” by: +Dreamcatcher+

♥ Hair – “Jenna Hair” by: DOUX

♥ Gloves, Corset & Heels – “Unicornis Gacha” by: Violent Seduction

♥ Eyes – “Beverly Eyes” by: .euphoric.


♥ Backdrop – “Anatomic Backdrops” by +Dreamcatcher+ @ Darkness Event July 5th -31st

Flamingo Pink!

July 4th 2020 [HC] #4_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ Giving it the old college try by standing like a flamingo! 😉


♥ Jumpsuit – “Jetta” cute capri length, strapless jumpsuit (in size;Slink HG, Phys & Petites,

Belleza Venus, Isis & Freya (perky),eBody Classic & Curvy,Tonic Curvy, Fine & Mini

Maitreya, Alice, Legacy Classic & Perky) by: [HC] Hopes Creations mainstore

♥ Heels – “Jetta” platform, slingback heels  by: [HC] Hopes Creations mainstore

♥ Bag – “Karma Cross-body bag” by: [DDL] Accessories /for Happy Weekend Sale

♥ Hair – “Poetry Hair” /VIP gift by: TruthHair

♥ Eyes – “Salma Eyes” by: .Euphoric.


July 4th 2020 [HC] #6_001EDIT

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Watermelon Summer

July 4th 2020 SWAYs #6_001EDITPhoto by: Cherri Oh

♥ There’s nothing like a juicy cold refreshing piece of watermelon on a summer’s day to quench a July/August thirst. In this photo are some lovely summer cooling Secret Sunday Sale items from Sway’s  . Featured in the sale this week from Sways are; [Naolin] fruity Beach Umbrellas. [Naolin] Beach Towels, [Shell] clusters & groups, and [Summer] Drinking Jars! YUMMY!

♥ Photo taken at: NorderNey Beach (One of my very favorite serene locations in Second Life)


Items in the photo:

♥ Beach Umbrella – “[Naolin]” Beach Umbrella/fruity/ Watermelon by: Sway’s for The Secret Sunday Sale

♥ Beach Towel – “[Naolin]” Beach Towel/flat/Watermelon by: Sway’s for The Secret Sunday Sale

♥ Shells – “[Shells]” Shell Clusters by: Sway’s for The Secret Sunday Sale

♥ Drink – “[Summer]” Jar Drinks/B by: Sway’s for The Secret Sunday Sale

♥ Beach Fence – “[Ruel]” broken & curved washed-out Beach Fences by: Sway’s mainstore

♥ Picnic Basket – “[Chloe]” Picnic Basket by: Sway’s Mainstore

♥ Radio – “Retro Radio” by: Apple Fall

♥ Dog – “Beagle Dog” by: Jian

♥ Watermelon Punch by: Okidoki mainstore


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