What Ya Lookin’ For Puppy?!

MOOH DEC 4 2019 #4_001EDITPhoto by:Cherri Oh

♥ Seems like everyone is getting into the holiday mood on SL and decorating their homes with lots of red & green. Speaking of which, this morning while sipping on my first cup of coffee in my office and looking through my iPad for YouTube notifications I saw that Naria & Timmi did a video stream of a new  “home invasions” (well, home owners send Naria & Timmi the LM to their homes so its not an unwanted visit lol). I really love these videos, I enjoy seeing how others decorate their homes on SL, in fact I wish there was a YouTube channel dedicated to SL home tours. Anyway, Naria is asking if anyone has an interesting holiday decorated home to send her the landmark so she can tour it. So put up the Christmas Tree, drape the tinsel, hang the Christmas stockings and bake some Christmas cookies so you can send Naira the landmark to your home! If you would like to let Timmi & Naria tour your decked out holiday home, parcel, or skybox send her (Naria Panthar) a notecard inworld.

Which brings me to this very sweet Christmas Tree by MOoH!   The doggie sticking his head in Santa’s bag is way too adorable, he reminds me of my RL Mr. Higgins who loves opening Christmas gifts and sticking his head in bags and boxes! Guess what? This is the new MOoH! Group Gift for December! So head over to MOoH!   join the group and get  this lovely Christmas tree setup with presents and a doggy that got lost in Santa’s sack free! Don’t for to enter the raffle for the free $150 gift card and as always MOoH! has great Lucky Chairs & Weekly Discounts!



MOoH! logo AUG 30thpng

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