19 Question Tag~My Answers

Questions #1

If you are reading this and are wondering what’s going on, here’s the link to my first post about it “19 Question Challenge”  LINK

It all started when I noticed some the RL Vloggers doing this “19 Question Challenge” on YouTube and thought it might be fun for us Second Life Bloggers & Vloggers to try. So far a few people have taken up this challenge, you’ll find the links to their “19 Question Answers” on my blog post HERE @  bottom of the page 

To join in, just pick out 19 questions, answer them on your vlog/blog then send me the link after you posted so I can post your link for others to read.

*You’ll notice there is more then 19 Questions on the first post, the reason is I was asking others for their input on which/what questions we should answer in the challenge since the RL Vlogger’s questions were primarily about RL, so I had to make our questions more about SL.

Here I go with my answers! 

#1. What’s your vlog/blog name and what’s the meaning behind it?

Ans:  My blog’s name is “Cherri’s SL OnFleek Picks”. At the time I tried to use a phrase that was treading (I read that using a popular phrase describing my blog subject would attract readers), around that time the phrase “Her/my brows are onfleek”  was everywhere on beauty blogs/vlogs so I grabbed “onfleek” and ran with it. 😛

#2 When did you start your SL vlog/blog?

Ans: July 2016

#3. How would you describe your vlog/blog (fashion, decor, destinations,RP..)?

Ans: I’d say mostly fashion but there’s other things contained in my posts too.

#4.  When did you start Second Life and what brought you to SL?

Ans: I started SL in the spring of 2011. What brought me to SL was an advertisement I kept seeing every time I logged into IMVU. At the time I was completely bored with IMVU and to be honest the graphics were giving me a headache. All my friends that invited me to IMVU would hang out in clubs they built and dub all night long and that was about it. The ad’s for SL really drew me in because the avis looked amazing and more research I did on YouTube the more I was sold on Second Life! The very next week after arriving in SL I deleted my IMVU account and tried to get my IMVU friends to come over to SL. None budged!

#5.  What inspired you to become a vlogger/blogger?

Ans: Ever since I was in junior high I started following bloggers then later vloggers, I faithfully watched and read each day and still to this day. Reading blogs all those years definitely inspired me!

#6.   How often do you post?

Ans: Usually I post about two to three times a week more or less.

#7.  What’s your favorite thing to blog and why?

Ans. Without a doubt, I like blogging about other Vloggers/Bloggers, and their  vlogs & blog! It’s a subject I love to share, I enjoy letting “my” readers know about other vloggers/bloggers in SL whom I consider interesting and who I subscribe to. A shout out can’t hurt right?  Of course I like blogging fashion and decor too.

#8.   Do you watch/read other vlogs/blogs if so how often?

Ans: Yes! Daily!

#9.  What strength do you have that has helped you as a vlogger/blogger?

Ans: Ummm… I would say the “appreciation” for anyone that creates.  On Second Life, I know most creators especially innovative creators are painstakingly working many hours in their RL time to create for all of us. Another strength I have might be my love for writing, I’ve been journaling since 5th grade. I don’t really write much on my blogs but from time to time I do. Recently I’ve been writing a bit more but I’m a little timid about sharing my stories, thoughts and opinions on my blog.

#10.  How do you motivate yourself to stay active & fresh with your vlog/blog?

Ans. Freeing my mind for a while by, watching a movie, working, shopping, answering my emails, cooking & baking,crafting, running, believe me I have many distractions lol

#11.   What was the last thing you bought on Second Life?

Ans: Oh gosh! “The Gingerbread Boy Purse” & “Xmas Cookies”  by Tentacio at KUSTOM9/Today!

#12. Which is your favorite sim for taking vlog/blog photos and why?

Ans: {Fae Forest}  but, last few times I tried to tp over the LM didn’t work 😦 the lighting there was always phenomenal.wonder…. is it gone???? I’ll have to find out!

#13.  Do you have an alt?

Ans: Nope and I never wanted one, it seemed strange for me to have another avi.

#14.  Would you say your avi is an introvert to extravert?

Ans.  Introvert…. whole heartily!

#15.  How do you feel about SL relationships (romance/friendships)?

Ans. Okay, I think it’s hard to really trust people to be “true” friends on Second Life but I’m not saying its impossible. As far as romance, in my opinion purely, I doubt it can ever last on SL I’ve seen way too many people get hurt, yet once in a blue moon I hear about a couple that have been together for years and some taking it into RL.  It’s confusing to me exactly what is a SL relationship? I’m not sure exactly how it works, is it totally removed from RL and more like RP? There are those that Skype,video chat and have a relationship and some just interact in voice inworld. It’s all terribly confusing and glad I don’t have to worry about it. 😛

For myself and friends; it’s not that I don’t want some good friends on SL it’s just I’ve never had the opportunity recently. When I do extend a hand in friendship I’m always optimistic that they will return the friendship too. Anyone of my RL friends could tell you I’m a good friend, how totally trustworthy I am, I can keep a secret forever, not sure if “most” SL people can. The SL drama scares me. Yikes!  When I first started SL I had many really close friends, we would have contact outside SL but sadly most have left SL and drifted away. The one good friend I still have from back then isn’t as active on SL as I am and has other interests now. As for the romance department and myself… I’m taken in RL so no.

#16. What is your guilty pleasure in SL?

Ans. Same as RL SHOPPING!

#17.  Where is your avi right now? (mainland, sandbox, event, stuck in a TP LOL)

Ans. I’m logged off but she’s naked in the middle of the living room of the mainland home 😛

#18.  What’s the wackiest/craziest/strangest thing you’ve ever experience on SL? Best?

Ans. As most Second Lifers I have a bunch but I’ll say it was last year when I went to the Christmas Tree Farm and was trying to cut down a tree and couldn’t get the ax/hachet  to release from my avi’s hand. Even logging out didn’t help, unfortunately I couldn’t take any blog photos for a few days since the ax became an extension of my right hand. LOL! Best? The very first time I visited the Tempura sim.

#19. What’s the one thing you want everyone to know about your avi & blog?

Ans: My avi like myself is shy but once I get to know people I warm up, become outgoing and can even be funny, always trustworthy and positive. As for my blog I try my best to put out a nice blog which I hope others enjoy and I love hearing for my readers.








Get Your Gifts At The Naughty List 4

DEC 15th 2019 #4 TNL_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “”Red Santa’s Helper Dress”/Group Gift by: [ari-pari] @ The Naughty List4 

♥ Hair – “Shay Hair”/Group Gift  by: .EscalateD @ The Naughty List 4

♥ Boots – “Night Out Boots”/ Group Gift by: GRUMBLE /Group Gift @ The Naughty List 4

♥ Cookies – “Christmas Cookies”  by: Tentacio @ KUSTOM9


XXXMas Tree/Group Gift by: Fantasy  Furnishings @ The Naughty List 4

TAXI To: The Naughty List 4

TNL4DEC 15th 2019 #5 TNL_001EDIT

A Xmas Craft Like Martha Stewart’s Snowflakes From Your Hubby’s Boxers! LOL!

DEC 11th 2019 #12 MONSO_002EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ Holiday craft reminiscent of Martha Stewart 😛

To make your own festive holiday snowflakes you will need the following:

A sharp pair of Martha Stewart scissors (preferably color coordinated to your outfit)

Tracing paper

White boxer shorts (clean preferred) which you can procure from you boyfriend or hubby’s undies drawer when he’s not home

♥        ♥        ♥        ♥         ♥         ♥         ♥         ♥         ♥         ♥

Ok everyone, I’m joking of course about the “Boxer Snowflake Craft” and I apologize to Martha Stewart for involving her my little joke but I couldn’t resist after trying to  think of a title for this photo. LOL

By the way, do you enjoy making holiday decorations/craft items? I do! Each year I try to come up with a different craft for adding to friends, family and coworkers presents. This year I decided to do a very old crochet craft I learnt from my Grams when I was little. They’re little easy peasy crocheted ice skates with a paperclip blade. Gosh, I almost forgot how easy and fast these are to make, they look lovely attached to a Christmas brooch, tied to wrapped present, or hanging for the Christmas tree.

Anywho, being filled with the holiday spirit wrapping gifts, baking cookies, making little crafts, warms my heart, especially because I know they’ll be given to others. Well, isn’t  that what the holidays are all about? Giving? Indeed! It always makes me feel like I’ve received a gift when I give a gift to others.

Speaking of gifts I want to take this time to thank each and every one of of you that subscribe and read my blog, having you subscribe and read my blog is truly a gift for me, I’m aware my blog isn’t the most intriguing mind-blowing cell splitting intellectual blog but it’s something I’m enjoying, so thanks to each and everyone one of you. I tend to doubt myself as a Second Life Blogger, perhaps because I read and view so many outstanding vlogs & blogs. I was thinking when I get to 800 subscribers I’d love to do a little giveaway so fingers crossed that in 2020 I make to 800!

Once more thank you my readers and don’t ever be shy to leave a comment or message for me, since I love hearing from all of you.

♥Happy Holidays!♥

My Tiny Crocheted Skates/ (One pair (left side) are on a vintage brooch of mine)

Cherri's crocheted skates



♥ Hair – “Marta Hair” (I love the bangs!) by: [MONSO] @ Collabor88

♥ Skirt – “Tata Skirt” (Adorable, it so cute!) by: Miwas @ Santa Inc

♥ Top – ” Adrienne Fur Cardigan” by: {le fil casse}

♥ Heels – “PomPom Heels” by EQUAL


TAXI To: [MONSO] Mainstore

TAXI To: [MONSO] @ Collabor88


DEC 11th 2019 #16 MONSO_001EDITDEC 11th 2019 #18 MONSO_001EDIT

Holiday Colors:Red & Green

DEC 11th 2019 #6 twe12ve_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ TWE12VE Event, for the month of December has some festive holiday clothing, appliers, decor and more. TWE12VE runs through December 12th to the 31st.


♥ Dress – “Jena Dress” by: Tooty Fruity @ TWE12VE

♥ Hair – “Kiko Hair” by: DOUX

♥ Boots – “Nozoko Boots” gacha/RARE by: BREATHE @ The Arcade

♥ Piggie – “Rudolph Sweater Piglet” gacha/RARE  by: Schadenfreude @ Okinawa Event



DEC 11th 2019 #5 twe12ve_001EDIT

Cozy Holidays!

DEC 10th 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Sway’s makes it very easy to decorate your home for the holidays. In this room I’ve mixed some older, gachas, new and advent items from Sway’s.

Items In Photo

[Advent] Chair/Forest by: Sway’s

[Advent] Sphere Stars(red & green) by: Sway’s

[Advent] Side Table by: Sway’s

[Advent] Wood Block Candles by: Sway’s

[Advent] Floor Cushion by: Sway’s

[Wrapped]Gifts by:Sway’s

[Victor] Wood Burning Stove by: Sway’s

[Victor] Basket of Firewood by: Sway’s

[Winter Wreath] Fir Trees by: Sway’s

[Christmas Treats] Full Plate For You by: Sway’s

[Snowman] Mugs (pink & Green) by: Sway’s

[Issy] Armchair/Plaid (B) by: Sway’s

[Morey] Rope Rug/Tree by: Sway’s


(Grumpy Cat/grooming by: Rezz Room)

(Backdrop by The Bearded Guy)










TAXI To: Sway’s

♥ While at Sway’s why don’t forget grab some wonderful goodies from The Advent Calendar!



“19 Question Tag!” Anyone? It’s Easy!


Questions #1

Hi all! I was hoping for some input on the questions I came up with for the “19 Questions Blogger/Vlogger Tag” So I was surprised to see that “Orca” from “Thar She Blows!” Blog decided to answer a ALL the questions I had down on my blog that I wanted some input on from all of you which to use or if you came up with any of your own. I’ll link my original post about the tag here—>19 Question blog post link. I’ll let you all decide which ones to answer or if you like, answer all of them like Orca did lol. It’s pretty easy just answer the question in you vlog or blog post and send me the link so I can add it to the original post and tag three other vlogger/bloggers. Let’s have some fun and get to know each other in a little better in the process. Ok! I better get working on my own answers to the questions. Hugs and hope you participate!

Luv Ya,

Cherri ♥ ♥ ♥


Up For A Christmas Hunt?

Grumble DEC 9 2019 #2_001EDITPhotos By:Cherri Oh

Evil Bunny Hunts & Events has giving us another fun and fabulous hunt, this time it’s a spirited holiday one called “The Grumpy Santa Hunt 2”. The hunt ends December 31st! Each item/hunt gift is only $L here’s the starting point —-> TGSH2 Starting point


♥ Top & Skirt – “Grinch Please Outfit” by: Grumble for The Grumpy Santa Hunt 2

♥ Nails – “Cetim Nails” by: Stunner Originals  For The Grumpy Santa Hunt 2

♥ Boots – “Nozoko Boots”/RARE  by: BREATHE @ The Arcade

♥ Hair – ” Alias Hair” by: Truth

♥ Antlers – “9 Little Reindeer” gacha by: L. Magnums Clothier @ The Gacha Life


Other items in photos:

Sway’s [Christmas] Tree/snow,

[Advent] Sphere Stars

[Advent] Chair

[Advent] Wood block Candles

[Morey] Rope Rug /Trees


TAXI TO: The Grumpy Santa Hunt 2 Starting Point

LINK To: The Grumpy Santa Hunt 2 Hint Page


Grumble DEC 9 2019 #5_001EDIT

“Tis The Sea-Sun”

SWAY's DEC 8 2019 #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh
Sway’s   created these really cute beach holiday decor items [Beachmas] signs & [Sander] & [Kassandra] “Sand”man available now at The Liaison Collaborative
Items In Photo
 [Beachmas] Signs – “Have Yourself A Sandy Little Christmas”, “Seas & Greetings” “We Wish You A Beachy Christmas”  @ TLC
[Kasandra] & [Sander] Sandmen @ TLC
[Christmas Tree] Snowed @ Sway’s mainstore
[Wrapping] gifts – Penguin, Toys, Blue & White, Green & Red Sway’s
[Ruel] Beach Fence Sway’s
[Snowman]Mugs Sway’s
[Christmas] Treats- For You Cookie Plate, Stocking, Candy cane cookies Sway’s



A Snowy Stroll

MONSO DEC 9 2019 #2_001EDITPhotos by:  Cherri Oh


♥ Hair – “Xena” hair by: [MONSO] @ FaMESHed

♥ Top – “Knit Mohair Sweater/gift” by: *COCO* @ FaMESHed

♥ Pants – “High Rise Leggings” by: *COCO* @ FaMESHed

♥ Heels – “Miaki Heels”/Gacha by: BREATHE @ The Arcade

♥ Hair Accessory – “Waiting For Holidays” by: Astralia

♥ Doggie – “Pomeranian Reindeer” by: [REZZ ROOM] @ Santa Inc



TAXI To: [MONSO] Mainstore

MONSO DEC 9 2019 #4_001EDIT