Ho Ho Ho & Wire Christmas Trees

REFUGE NOV 30 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ Second Life has such a vast variety of amazing designers its mind boggling! In these photos are some sweet & creative holiday decor items designed by the outstandingly fabulous Refuge , they really dress up the front of my home and “Bingo” seems to like them as well! 🙂

Refuge Items In Photos

Wire Christmas Trees: White, Green & Red  By:Refuge   @ Tannenbaum

Ho-Ho-Ho Marquee Sign/Aged  By: Refuge  @ Tannenbaum


Other Items:

[Wrapped gift boxes: Small Deer, Snowman, Christmas Tree, By: Sway’s

[Christmas Treats] For Santa by: Sway’s

[Leora] Green Kettle & Mugs by: Sway’s

Countryside Collie/wandering by: Jian

France House by: ROOST Homes


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Refuge logoREFUGE DEC 1 2019 #2_001EDIT

Simple But Sweet (the dress LOL)

Sweet Evil NOV 30 2019 #3_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Sometimes something simple can be just as fashion forward as an elaborate outfit. This darling “Ballerina Dress” by Sweet Evil is a perfect example.


♥ Dress – “Ballerina Dress (has an amazing hud so you can choose from an endless spectrum of colors)  by: Sweet Evil (mainstore)

♥ Hair –  “Melinda Hair” by: DOUX @ Belle Event

♥ Boots – “Lara Boots” by: TERA for Fifty Linden Friday

♥ Backdrop by Serenity Style

♥ Plants by Hive, Dust Bunny, MI

♥ Vines by +half-deer+

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Sweet Evil NOV 30 2019 #5_001EDIT

Snow & Candy Canes

sway'S Nov 20 2019 #2_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ Iconic beautiful candy cane lights for your holiday decor. They called the “[Joey] String Lights” by: Sway’s @ The Gacha Garden


Other items in the photos:


[Clyde] Dirty Doormat Green Boots

[Clyde] Birdhouse

Decorated Christmas Tree


Apple Fall

Heart Wreath



France House


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♥ Candy canes to me are an iconic symbol during Christmas. It seems they originated around 1670 in Germany and were used to keep children quite in church during the live loving nativity scene. Later 1837 they mentioned in a magazine being hug on tree.As a Catholic we always taught the religious meaning of the candy cane and during Christmas  Mass each child were handed an candy cane with the poem below printed on paper and tied with a red & white ribbon around the candy cane. But no matter relies or sentimental to me it’s a staple and iconic, not to mention yummy!




sway'S Nov 20 2019 #4_001EDIT

Snowy Walk

MONSO Nov 18 2019 #6_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ As I said before in past posts I LOVE SNOW! The one thing that could make it even more phenomenal is if it was PINK! I can dream……


♥ Hair – “Qiyana Hair” (sooooo darn cute!! I love the streak! You can  choose to wear the streak or not) by:  [MONSO] @ KUSTOM9

♥ Top – “I Am You Fluffy Top” by: MOMOCHUU @ KUSTOM9

♥ Skirt – “Lina Skirt” by: MOMOCHUU @ EQUAL10

♥ Earrings – Sweet Heart Earrings by: Altair

♥ Heels – “Pom Pom Heels’ by: EQUAL

♥ Doggie – “Pomeranian Dog”/fatpack by: [Rezz Room] @ EQUAL10


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MONSO Nov 18 2019 #2_001EDIT

Feeling Autumn Nymph-ish In The Outfit

TJH9 GRUMBLE Nov 17 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by :Cherri Oh

It’s Monday and mine went well, hope yours did too. You know those Carpenter lyrics “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down”? Well, it’s Monday & rainy and neither got me down but I was dragging my tail feathers towards the end of the day simply because I had a super busy weekend. Speaking of feathers….

Here’s another hunt gift from TJTH9, remember it ends November 30th so get hunting!


♥ Top & Skirt – “Fall Geometric Dress” by: Grumble for The Jerk Turkey Hunt9

♥ Hair – “Aurora Hair” by: Sintiklia for 60L$ Happy Weekend

♥ Heels – “Lia Heels” by: Phedora

♥ Hair Wreath – “Pheldelpus Wreath/Peach” by: Lode

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Jerky turkey hunt9TJH9 GRUMBLE Nov 17 2019 #1_001EDIT

Don’t You Think Grouchy Cat Looks Comfy?

TJH9 Storaxtree Nov 17 2019 #3_001EDITPhoto by: Cherri Oh

I think “Grouchy Cat” looks very comfy! This cozy comfy “Seattle Bistro Chair” by Storaxtree for The Jerky Turkey Hunt9 has great details,textures and its a hunt gift! Here’s the staring point for the hunt —> TJTH9 Starting point you have till November 30th to fill your basket with some amazing TJTH9 items.

♥ Chair – “Seattle Bistro Chair” by: Storaxtree for The Jerky Turkey Hunt9/ends Nov30th

♥ Cat – “Grouchy Cat”/sitting  gacha (I love [Rezzroom]!) by: [RezzRoom]

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Jerky turkey hunt9


“All The Lonely People, Where Do They All Come From?”

REFUGE Nov 16 2019 #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

These Vintage TV Mannequins by Refuge are amazingly creativity! The creator said she was inspired by The Twilight Zone Television Show. I happen to love the “old” Twilight Zone series from the 60’s and I certainly remember the episode when one of the mannequins from a department store had her turn to go out into the world as a human for a month. The mannequin, played by Anne Frances was called Marsha. After her month, she returned to the store (she was late a week and the other mannequins were upset because they wanted their turn)  but forgot that she was a mannequin and why she returned. I can go on and tell you the whole epiosde but I wont, it’s an intriguing episode and I hope you have the chance to see it sometime. Each New Year Eve there’s a Twilight Zone marathon on the SyFy Channel I’m hoping I’ll be staying in this New Years Eve so I binge watch it. Anyways, aren’t these mannequins all fabulous? Each of these mannequin are all different, I had fun staging them for these photos.

Refuge Item in photos:

Vintage TV Mannequins/ I used the following mannequins: Nightmare, Spiral, 666, Reality, Skull, Zombie, Eye, & Static by: Refuge @ 6 Republic

Other Items:

Looking Glass/RARE by {ANC}

Chrome Spheres by: Blue Sky

Summer Fan NYC by: BUENO

Steaming Vent Grate/rust by: Nomad


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Refuge logoREFUGE Nov 16 2019 #6_001EDIT