Bubbly Bathtime For Takochus

Featured Item: Takochu by (BAZAR) KHDKM
My Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/143502532@N06/

These lil octopus/octopi or octopuses, are really enjoying their bathtime! They’re making a bubbly mess but sure to be clean as a whistle (whatever that means LOL) once they are done. Okay, CUTE!!! CUTE!!! CUTE!!! You know I love cuteness to bits and who wouldn’t love this little decor items? Sweet and very Kawaii yet perfect for that little touch of lightheartedness that will brighten up any corner, room & day! These lil Takochus pictured here are from the Pink Pack on Marketplace by Bazar/KHDKM (includes Fluoresce Pink, Light Pink and Purple) Get yours today!!

MarketPlace Link To (BAZAR) by KHDKM

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