Paris Morning

Jenny Dress & Jacket Available at TWE12VE
Photos by Cherri Oh

♥ Sorry my friends, I’ve been a bit MIA, I’ve been having major lag issues in SL and some small health issues in my RL at the same time. So forgive me for not posting much. Slowing things are improving, with the exception of my land in SL being so laggy with all the sudden pop up of neighbors around me recently. So many large structures they decided to rezz and build 😦  Currently I decided to rezz a platform up in the sky over my house which seems a tad better.  Luv ya all! ♥ ♥ ♥


♥ Dress & Jacket – “Jenny Dress & Jacket”  (its an adorable set to have in your inventory I love all the different sweet patterns in the hud for the dress) by: GRUMBLE @ TWE12VE (close January 31st so hurry on down to TWE12VE)

♥ Hair – “Kiara Hair” by: DOUX


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