Chillin’ In My Cute PJ’s

Cute “Eidra” PJ’s & Slippers by [HC]
Photo by Cherri Oh


♥ PJ’s & Slippers – “Eidra PJ’s & Unicorn Slippers” by: [HC](available @ [hc] Mainstore 

♥ Hair – “Kiara Hair” by: DOUX 


Dust Bunny

Florence Curtains 

Florence Nightstand

Florence Dresser

Florence Wall Shelf

Florence Pillow Basket

Snack Basket

Love Chocolates

Unicorn Cereal

White Rose Pitcher

Sword Leaf Vase

Ruffle Chair

Camellia Potted Plant

Wiccan Artistry Herb Drawers

Florence Lamp

Hoya Plant

Winter Decor Hanging Lighted Spheres

Woodland Dreams Craved Wooden Screen

Blossom Letters/ ❤

Paradise Plants Monstera With Lights 

Vintage Space Heater

Quirky Plants/Caticorn 

Violet Vanity Set

Snake Plant 



Ruffle Heart Rug

Bottled Flowers/white

Stockholm & Lima

Princess Suit Bed (my favorite SL bed!)

Rezz Room

English Bulldog

French Bulldog


Hot Lips Phone

Petite Maison ♥

Camille Lamp/ Robins Egg Blue







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