Snowbound, But Who Cares!

Sway’s [Mira] Covered Bench /w snow available this weekend at Wanderlust Weekend
Photo by Cherri Oh

♥ I love winter, (I know I say I love Spring, Summer & Autumn too :P) Here in my area of Massachusetts we really haven’t had much snow so far and I’m dying to get out on the slopes! So you know I really enjoyed setting up this scene to showcase Sway’s Wanderlust Weekend items ( The [Mira] Covered Bench with snow)

Items in the photo:

♥ [Mira] Covered Bench with snow (10Land Inpact: singles,couples poses  and color change hud)by: Sway’s for Wanderlust Weekend 

[Clyde] Birdhouse with snow; sled with snow; Stepping Stones with snow; and skates – by Sway’s 

[Leora] Cocoa Kettle & Mugs/red – by Sway’s 

Sway’s Christmas Trees with snow

Jian Fallow Fawns

Nomad Snowy Cabin 

Studio Skye Snow Mounds


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