Giveaway Results….And The Winner Is….

Giveaway Winner #1 Congratulations! Happy New Year!

♥ Congratulations Autres DeSade! You are the 5K winner! I’ll get in touch with all the winners inworld. CONGRATULATIONS again to everyone! 

♥ Winner #2 Macedonic Ashley  & Winner #3 Akasha Sternberg

♥ Since I only had 11 Entries I decided that everyone else will get $100L each! I’ll be contacting each of you inworld with a notecard & prize. 

♥ I’ll be having other giveaways on my blog so be on the lookout! Congratulations Everyone and thank you all for entering!!♥


4 thoughts on “Giveaway Results….And The Winner Is….

  1. Omg omg!!! What?? Noooooooowayyyyy!! Ahhhh im screaming! I feel like i won the lottery! Ty ty Cherri ! Woooowwww! Wowwww!!! What a great start to SL new year!!! Thank you!❤❤❤ Very,very unexpected. Tysm xox

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