Fabulous Secret Santa & Lovely Christmas Gifts (Giveaway Reminder!)

I’m so blessed! I logged into SL a few days after Christmas and discovered that I received lots of truly lovely Christmas gifts! I’m not sure if they were all Secret Santa gifts or generous thoughtful Christmas gifts. Look at them all! This I do know, three very sweet people send me these beautiful various items ! I’m soooo gosh darn lucky! I love it all! Thank You, each of you!

♥ Look at all of these gifts! I’m overwhelmed, truly overwhelmed with delight! 

♥ A few weeks back I joined the Secret Santa at the Paradiso Pantharities Hangout sim, you may have heard Naria Panther speak about it on her channel & they were also hosting a Photos Contest too. Well, I never expected such wonderful gifts! To the left of that {SAKURA} Kigurumi Gacha blue box in the center, all of the items shown were gifted to me from one sweet SL person, the items to the right were all sent by another wonderful friend and the {Sakura} gacha was sent by yet another truly generous friend.  Thank you Everyone! I’m feel very blessed you warmed my heart with your friendship! 

All the items on the left were all packaged in this gorgeous Christmas box! (I’m keeping it for Christmas decor for next year) how sweet& creative!

Adorable {Sakura} Kigurumi Platypus Onesie Thank You!!

♥ May your New Year be filled with all the best of everything! Luv Yas! Much Gratitude! 


♥ ♥ ♥ I Hope All Of Your Christmas Wishes Came True! ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Please do not forget to join my giveaway! Just follow the rules described here!  Good Luck Everyone!!

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