Feeling The Need To Clear My Mind

Photo by Cherri Oh

♥ With everything in such a weird state because of the pandemic, I feel that we are all losing so much precious time with our friends, family and loved ones. Yes, its true we can FaceTime and Zoom our holidays together (my family did with Thanksgiving) but its just not the same. I miss the hugs and scents of all my  aunts perfumes, powders all mingled together with the smell of food cooking, pine needles, spices, log burning in the fireplace and peppermint, combined together the scent is “My Family Holidays”. I miss the sound of joyful voices, merriment in in multi tones and ranges of volume. This Christmas will be so gosh darn foreign for me and I’m sure for all of you too. Luckily a diversion popped up, this weekend we had snow, so I took out my skis and crosscountryed around my neighborhood and town, it truly improved my state of mind, I got to clear my thoughts. Just that little pleasure of skiing around, helped spark up my spirits, I’m hoping we all can find some little spark of pleasure during this time that will bring cheer the holidays. I wish all of you a very Happy Merry Christmas! 

♥ The Rose Vest & Tank is MOoH!’s weekly special offer of $99L is good till December 24th ♥


♥ Sweater set – “Rose vest & tank” by: MOoH!

♥ Leggings – “Denise Leggings” by: Blueberry 

♥ Hair – “Forever Hair” by: TRUTH

♥ Earrings – “Hoops” by: .Fonde.

♥ Rings – “Elize Rings” by: (YUMMY)@ Collabor88

♥ Drink – “Caramel Shake” by: Cinnamon Cocaine 



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