Skully Cats Wanna Party Too!

Photo by Cherri Oh

MOoH! has a cute gacha this month at the The Gacha Life Event  called “Don’t Disturb The Cat Gacha”!  Don’t you think these supposedly spooky cats are adorable? I do!! Also, while at The Gacha life Event check out MOoH’s other gacha “VooDooDoll Avatar Gacha! It’s Super Cute!

Items in photo from MOoH! The Don’t Disturb The Cat gacha @ The Gacha Life Event 

Pouncing  Cat

Snoring Cat

Cat Ottoman

Cat Chair

Crazy Cat Person Sofa

Cat Licking 

Cat Stalking

Other MOoH! Items

Balloon Laying Skeleton 


Other Items

Kitty String Lights  by +half-deer+

Pumpkins by Sway’s 

TAXI To: MOoH! @ The Gacha Life Event



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