I Got It At Summerfest!

June 25 th 2020 Free bikini #10_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ My SL doggie, Bubbles and I are enjoying our “Mitchell Park Home Pool” by ROOST Homes

♥ Summerfest is one those annual events I truly look forward to, the sim is decorated so cute with it’s Tiki kiosks and palm trees. You definitely get that whole summer vibe and you definitely got your shopping cut out for you as I did. In fact I never finished shopping with all the lag in SL these days, I’d say I was about 1/2 way through peeking in all the kiosks. There are several other  things I didn’t feature in these photos I bought too, such as; Blue Sky  “Wall Panels” (only 95L each), DaD  “Fancy Hat Wall Display”, Le Fil Casse “Farrah Set, Hive. “Coastal Outdoor Dining Table”. There’s so much more I want hopefully I’ll pop back in this weekend and share another post another posting about the rest I buy at Summerfest. Remember #StaySafe & luv yas ♥


♥ Bikini – “Calliope Bikini” (CUTE) by: [g] Grixdale FREE! Yup! It was FREE at the event @ Summerfest

♥ Hair – “Sunshine Hair” (Blondes ) by: Lamb. @ Summerfest/ I saw Kess wearing this cute summery hair in her “10 Summer Items For Landscaping A Beach video and had to buy  this hair by Lamb too! LOL! I’m a copycat!” YouTube & Blog Video “Glamour Sauce”  ( Fab tutorial!)

♥ Drink – “Smooth Summer Raspberry Smoothie Drink” by: Disorderly @ Summerfest

June 25 th 2020 Free bikini #3_001EDIT

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