Hearts & Unicorns

FEB 11th 2020 sweet evil #1_002EDITPhoto by: Cherri Oh

♥ This adorable “Sweatshirt Dress”/patterned with an incredible hud of 30 patterns is by Sweet Evil is available at the Sweet Evil Mainstore & Marketplace ♥


♥ Dress – “Sweatshirt Dress” (I’m wearing it here as a comfy top over leggings) by: Sweet Evil (mainstore)

♥ Leggings – “High Rise Leggings” by: *COCO*

♥ Hair – “J0109” hair by: Tram

♥Drink – “Glamour Pink Drink” by: Tentacio @ EQUAL10


TAXI To: Sweet Evil Mainstore

LINK To: Sweet Evil Marketplace Store



4 thoughts on “Hearts & Unicorns

    1. Seraphim was it your pose that caused the clipping? I noticed a few other pants didn’t work but this top was meant to be worn alone like an oversized sweatshirt. I just happened to find a pair of leggings in my inventory that worked out. luv ya ty for the comment huugzzzz ❤

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      1. Yes, it was certain movements of my AO, the clipping wasn’t constant… but I’m extremely picky about that sort of thing… I will only buy clothing that never clips, under any circumstances… blows my mind when I see avis with half a hip sticking out of a dress, or, worse, things like the wrong foot formation sticking out of boots! Eeeep!

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