~ Tears Of Love In My Eyes ~

FEB 9th 2020 MONSO #11_001EDIT tears in my eyesPhoto by: Cherri Oh

♥ Ever wonder what happened to that person you thought you were madly in love with? I was thinking about “him” the other day, wondering whatever became of him. At the time I was a mere child of “twelve” and I know it could have never gone anywhere. Just the sight of him playing street hockey, swinging his hockey stick and chopping on his teeth guard brought my heart to stand still.  😛 He was one of my brother’s many cute friends that always hung out at our home but this was the ONE! The heartthrob of many girls in my neighborhood I’m very sure, whom may I add were way more “developed” then I to get a teenage boy’s attention. How does that old joke go “I can use her for an ironing board, backside & frontside”  Back then my super teasing brothers called me “Weed” for a time since I was tall and lanky.

One night at one of our typical cul de sac bonfires, the last thing I could have ever imagined happened, “he” brought some out of town girl to our neighborhood bonfire 😦  My heart was broken, I felt tears welling up. How could he! They sat next to each other, their legs touching and my heart falling into a zillion pieces. That night was the first night of many, many nights I cried into my pillow about him my “hockey heartthrob”. Months passed he still came by to play, street hockey, basketball, touch football with my brothers I’d “just so happen” to walk by with my besties acting like I didn’t give a hoot and putting on a pretend giggle with them as I was dying inside. December was devastating  for me “he” and his girlfriend were doubling with my brother and his girl, to the Junior Prom and of course photos were taken at my home. They all looked so well groomed and happy “she” was very pretty, her gown was the kind of gown I most likely would have chosen myself. I was miserable!

The next summer as every summer I could ever remember, my family was packing up to head to Cape.  Two of my besties were coming along, how they could stand me with my morose  on and off mood I really don’t know. On that weekend my brothers and a few of their friends drove up, I honestly didn’t know “he” was coming but he did. Ho-Hum “I’m dying!” I thought to myself. My master plan was to completely ignore “him” and mingle with the others. At the outdoor shower towards the backyard (used to shed any sand so we don’t  track any into the house, god forbid a grain sand should get in the house, my mom would flip! LOL) I was gabbing like a chatterbox on and on about something to my bestie standing behind me waiting for her turn at the shower, I felt a hand on the back of shoulder. Thinking it was her I said some silly thing like “OK you’re next!” I spun around and yup  it was “him”. Heart Drops! I’m just paralyzed like a dummy.  “He” asked why I was completely ignoring him ( I really didn’t think he ever noticed me) I stammered. He smiled and I just looked like a dumbbell drying my hair with a towel my bestie was kind enough to hand me.

Later that night we all hung out at the seaside there was a bonfire on the beach, my dad and his buddies were hacking around playing oldies with their guitars. A very common thing, a wonderful part of my childhood and even now. Everyone was chatting, singing and roasting marshmallows I wandered towards the ocean putting one foot up on a old weatherworn wooden fence. This, I remember so vividly, the night was full of incredibly shining stars, I mean you know how sometimes you can’t help notice the stars or moon, which seem to be asking for attention? It was a sky like that, I heard draggy steps in the sand and yes it was “him” he asked if I was ok then made a comment about the sky he took my hand and held it tight.

We wrote to each other that summer and I couldn’t wait to back to North Andover and for the summer to be over hoping to be his secret girlfriend (I wasn’t allowed to date yet). Sadly for me nothing much happened after that, it all unexplainably faded away, but that wonderful moment when “he” noticed me was unforgettable. It makes me a little sad to wonder what it would have been like to be his girlfriend back then. I’m sure my Dave would just smile about that very innocent and touching time in my life if I told him about it.

♥ Maybe some of you would like share a similar time in your life, if so please share the link in the comments or just add your heartthrob story/ or similar story in the comment section I’d love to read them! Big Tight Hugzzzz ♥

♥ Luv ya all, Cherri ♥

(most of this was taken from one of my many many journals I’ve been keeping for years)


♥ Hair – “Vicky Hair” (beautiful hair!!)  by: [MONSO] @ C88

♥ Dress – “Ssassy, Ssassy, Ssassy Dress”  (this dress is sooooooo cute! You can change the ruffle parts with the included hud even for the single color purchase! By: {U.F.O.} @ C88

♥ Rings – “Lover Rings” by: {YUMMY} @ C88

♥ Eyes – “Secret Love Eyes” by: EUPHORIC

♥ Lip Applier – “Elle Lips” by: EUPHORIC

♥ Necklace – “Pia Diamond Necklace by Amala


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