Love In The Evening & Afternoon

FEB 9th 2020 SWAYS #4_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥  These little critters love this [Roja] Gacha Set by Sway’s @ Gacha Garden  ♥  

♥ Items In Photos 

Sway’s – [Roja] Trellis, [Roja] Bench, [Roja] Floor, [Roja] Heart Bunting, [Roja] Floor Petals Red & Pink, [Roja] Heart Topiaries (the topiaries are the SOI/Seeds Of Inspiration a reward for playing the gacha 20 times)

Jian – Valentines Squirrels

HEART Garden Center – Bunchberry Ground Cover/Pink & Yellow

HPMD – Sweet Garden Grasses/Yellow


TAXI To: Sway’s Inworld

TAXI To: Gacha Garden


FEB 9th 2020 SWAYS #3_001EDIT

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