Spending The Day In Jammies

Jan 2019 12th MOOH NOVA #3_001editPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ Yup, I did I spent most of my Sunday in my jammies! After church and “Coffee & Time” with the lovely people of my parish I headed home with one thought, wanting to get back under my comfy covers. After battling bronchitis a few weeks back I’m still not feeling a 100% so all I could think about on the way home from mass was getting back into my nice warm cuddly jammies and bed. Rarely do I ever feel lazy since I’m kind of a spaz in fact my brothers call me the Energizer Bunny because of my tendency to be on the go and aways doing something. It felt wonderful and bit naughty to just do nothing and hang out in my jammies, I think we all could use a day like this. ;P …….. but I cheated by blogging LOL


♥ Jammies – “Nova PJ Outfit” by: MOoH! mainstore (January’s group gift, be sure to wear your MOoH! group tag when picking your cute “Nova” jammies up)

♥ Slippers – “Bunny Slippers” by: Dust Bunny for Fifty Linden Fridays

♥ Hair – “Playful Hair” by: DOUX

♥ Bunny – “Little Bunny” #10 by:  SEmotion Libellune

Jan 2019 12th MOOH NOVA #1_001edit

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