*In A Girl Power Mood*

Jan 2019 11th Sweet Evil shorts #2_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Sometimes we just want to express a mood we’re feeling and for me today it was a sense of “Girl Power”.  Earlier today we ( my three brothers and I) planned on heading to Boston since I wanted to take them to a wonderful restaurant I had been to recently when Dave was home, how I got elected to drive into the city is still a mystery to me. LOL! After driving around the block for a while, I noticed a pretty sweet spot not to far from the restaurant and I decided to try to squeeze my MDX into it. As I was maneuvering the car into the tight spot I was hearing a lot of doubts from my peanut gallery brothers, so of course I wasn’t going to let their skepticism frighten me off. It took a few turns of the wheel and and pulling in and out, but at the end I was successful. My “Doubting Thomas” brothers were now praising my parking skills and I definitely felt empowered, specially when I heard one of them say “I don’t think I could gotten this car into this spot!”  Hence, my Girl Power mood! 😀


♥ Shorts – “Combat Shorts” (with unlimited hud textures) by: Sweet Evil @ TWE12VE

♥ Hair – “Kathleen Hair” by:  DOUX @ EQUAL10

♥ Top – “Lucky Bunny Gacha/#17 white top by: LOKI (older gacha)

♥ Boots – “Trinity Boots” by: Phedora

♥ Glasses – “Aviator Glasses” by: Sweet Evil mainstore


TAXI To: Sweet Evil Mainstore


Jan 2019 11th Sweet Evil shorts #4_001EDIT

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