We All Need Koala Hugz

Jan 2019 9th Sweet evil #4_001editPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ By now we all have seen the devastating footage and the heartbreaking results of the wildfires in Australia, so I’d like to appeal to my Second Life friends to go visit the  Something New store and donate inworld. The pose & koloa bear can be found at Something New Pose Store and 100% OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THE SALES AND ANY DONATIONS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE RSPCA – New South Wales Bush Fire Appeal to help care for the countless animals burned in the fires.

You can also view SL blogger & vlogger my friend Isabelle Cheren’s blog post where you’ll find a Facebook Link to donate

Thank you all for caring let’s keep Australia, it’s people and animals in our thoughts & prayers.


♥ Top – “Tight Turtleneck Top” ( the hud has and endless selection of colors for the main part of the top, sleeves & neck! by: Sweet Evil

♥ Skirt – “Sonja Skirt/RARE older gacha by: Kitja

♥ Hair – “Noah Hair” by: DOUX @ LEVEL Event

♥ Heels – “Havana Heels” by: REIGN

♥ ♥ ♥ Pose & Koala Bear – by: Something New Poses  100% of all sales goes toward RSPCA! Thank You Stella Mahogany   for bringing  Something New Store and donation center to my attention! ♥ ♥ ♥

Please remember to donate when visiting Something New Pose Store   inworld

Jan 2019 9th Sweet evil #7_001EDIT

TAXI To: Sweet Evil inworld store

LINK To: Sweet Evil Marketplace


11 thoughts on “We All Need Koala Hugz

      1. Ah!… no, what I meant was I posted the link to my post, then checked back, a few hours later, and it wasn’t there, so I had to repost it… very odd, because I definitely clicked send, saw it appear in your comments… but, whatever, it’s all good, now (:

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      2. Oh gosh, I’m duh! I got worried the pose store lm I posted went bad, B[ Now I understand. I’ve been noticing some glitches on my posts & comments too recently I think its just WordPress being weird lol Hugzz my friend! ❤

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      3. yes, I have regular problems with WordPress acting as though I don’t have access to my own account, I have to clear my history to be able to access it, it really annoys me… I’ve asked them to fix it, but just get mindless, useless replies. Still, I love WordPress, despite that!


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