Delivering A Few Christmas Gifts

DEC 21th 2019 MONSO #3_001editPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ Earlier today I was busy delivering Christmas gifts to some of people I knew I wouldn’t be seeing on Christmas day. Just before I headed home I stopped at St. Michael’s to see what was left on the giving tree. On the first of December the requests/wishes by the less fortunate are hung on the Christmas tree as you walk into the church entryway. On that very first day my mom and I tried to choose requests that might not get chosen. It was no big surprise today, when I saw almost nothing was available, my parish members immensely generous had taken almost all of them. The seven that were remaining I grabbed without reading, shoved into my bag then I stopped at to Dunkin for a coffee and headed home.

Mr. Higgins of course greeted me as I entered the foyer making my homecoming warm and welcoming. Sitting in the kitchen I took the requests out on my bag and scattered them unmindfully onto the kitchen table and perused them as I sipped on my coffee. Four of the requests were simple toys, easy peasy,  two were small appliances and the last one just made my heart sink for some reason. The seventh request said “my own Toy Story dish and cup”. For some reason it made me choke up and I could feel my eyes welling up as I reread the little index card. It’s true I’m a bit on sensitive side but I’m pretty sure this request would have touch the hardest of hearts. My visual was this child wanted his/hers own set of Toy Story dish and cup because of  having to share the special one with his siblings. Suddenly I felt selfish for planning in my head all day what I was going to wear to the Christmas party my friend was having tomorrow and debating wether or not I wanted to buy another pair of shoes for the outfit.

Leaving my coffee behind I quickly threw my coat back on and drove off seeing Mr. Higgins staring out the front window looking confused as I backed out of the driveway. The Target was my very first thought I was able to find everything else but the Toy Story dish and cup. Frantically I called my mom, whom like I, is a die-hard shopaholic and asked if she had any ideas where I can find the dish and cup set, she suggested Big Lots (I would have never ever thought of Big Lots in fact I think I’ve only been there a few times in my life).

If anyone was watching me I think they might think I was a crazy person, almost breaking into a run in the parking lot and store. Only one thought ran through my mind  I had to find this dish and cup, I had to! The very first salesperson I saw I asked for help (almost pleadingly) the young man in his teens quickly walked up and down a few aisles with me anxiously trailing behind him. He pointing above my head to a rack and there I saw all kinds of character themed dish sets (the set each had the plate, bowl, little plate, and fork  and spoon, perfect!) behind the very first set one he pulled was the Toy Story one.  Taking it from his hands I bushed off the dusty box with glee! Yes! Thank you God! I gave his arm a little squeeze and he looked puzzled, yet had half grin as he looked at me and my excitement (I wonder if he thought it was for myself LOL). All the way home I had a warm feeling, not just happiness but something more, more like a “mitzvah” (a blessing to give/kindness). It’s a feeling we have when we give from the heart sincerely but this gift although small touched me deeply. Hopefully, the little gesture on my part brought a little happiness to that child, I know it has brought a huge happiness to me. 🙂


♥ Hair – “Mili Hair” by: [MONSO] @ KUSTOM9

♥ Top, Jacket & Skirt – “Merry & Bright” gacha#8 by: Amitomo @ KUSTOM9

♥ Bag – “Merry & Bright” gacha #18 by: Amitomo @ KUSTOM9

♥ Boots – “Edelweiss Boots” by: #EMPIRE for Fifty Linden Friday

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