Cozy Holidays!

DEC 10th 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Sway’s makes it very easy to decorate your home for the holidays. In this room I’ve mixed some older, gachas, new and advent items from Sway’s.

Items In Photo

[Advent] Chair/Forest by: Sway’s

[Advent] Sphere Stars(red & green) by: Sway’s

[Advent] Side Table by: Sway’s

[Advent] Wood Block Candles by: Sway’s

[Advent] Floor Cushion by: Sway’s

[Wrapped]Gifts by:Sway’s

[Victor] Wood Burning Stove by: Sway’s

[Victor] Basket of Firewood by: Sway’s

[Winter Wreath] Fir Trees by: Sway’s

[Christmas Treats] Full Plate For You by: Sway’s

[Snowman] Mugs (pink & Green) by: Sway’s

[Issy] Armchair/Plaid (B) by: Sway’s

[Morey] Rope Rug/Tree by: Sway’s


(Grumpy Cat/grooming by: Rezz Room)

(Backdrop by The Bearded Guy)










TAXI To: Sway’s

♥ While at Sway’s why don’t forget grab some wonderful goodies from The Advent Calendar!



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