Ho Ho Ho & Wire Christmas Trees

REFUGE NOV 30 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ Second Life has such a vast variety of amazing designers its mind boggling! In these photos are some sweet & creative holiday decor items designed by the outstandingly fabulous Refuge , they really dress up the front of my home and “Bingo” seems to like them as well! 🙂

Refuge Items In Photos

Wire Christmas Trees: White, Green & Red  By:Refuge   @ Tannenbaum

Ho-Ho-Ho Marquee Sign/Aged  By: Refuge  @ Tannenbaum


Other Items:

[Wrapped gift boxes: Small Deer, Snowman, Christmas Tree, By: Sway’s

[Christmas Treats] For Santa by: Sway’s

[Leora] Green Kettle & Mugs by: Sway’s

Countryside Collie/wandering by: Jian

France House by: ROOST Homes


TAXI To:  Refuge Mainstore

TAXI To: Tannenbaum

Refuge logoREFUGE DEC 1 2019 #2_001EDIT

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