Don’t You Think Grouchy Cat Looks Comfy?

TJH9 Storaxtree Nov 17 2019 #3_001EDITPhoto by: Cherri Oh

I think “Grouchy Cat” looks very comfy! This cozy comfy “Seattle Bistro Chair” by Storaxtree for The Jerky Turkey Hunt9 has great details,textures and its a hunt gift! Here’s the staring point for the hunt —> TJTH9 Starting point you have till November 30th to fill your basket with some amazing TJTH9 items.

♥ Chair – “Seattle Bistro Chair” by: Storaxtree for The Jerky Turkey Hunt9/ends Nov30th

♥ Cat – “Grouchy Cat”/sitting  gacha (I love [Rezzroom]!) by: [RezzRoom]

TAXI To: The Jerky Turkey Hunt9 starting point

LINK To: The Jerky Turkey Hunt9 Hints

Jerky turkey hunt9


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