“All The Lonely People, Where Do They All Come From?”

REFUGE Nov 16 2019 #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

These Vintage TV Mannequins by Refuge are amazingly creativity! The creator said she was inspired by The Twilight Zone Television Show. I happen to love the “old” Twilight Zone series from the 60’s and I certainly remember the episode when one of the mannequins from a department store had her turn to go out into the world as a human for a month. The mannequin, played by Anne Frances was called Marsha. After her month, she returned to the store (she was late a week and the other mannequins were upset because they wanted their turn)  but forgot that she was a mannequin and why she returned. I can go on and tell you the whole epiosde but I wont, it’s an intriguing episode and I hope you have the chance to see it sometime. Each New Year Eve there’s a Twilight Zone marathon on the SyFy Channel I’m hoping I’ll be staying in this New Years Eve so I binge watch it. Anyways, aren’t these mannequins all fabulous? Each of these mannequin are all different, I had fun staging them for these photos.

Refuge Item in photos:

Vintage TV Mannequins/ I used the following mannequins: Nightmare, Spiral, 666, Reality, Skull, Zombie, Eye, & Static by: Refuge @ 6 Republic

Other Items:

Looking Glass/RARE by {ANC}

Chrome Spheres by: Blue Sky

Summer Fan NYC by: BUENO

Steaming Vent Grate/rust by: Nomad


TAXI To:Refuge @ 6 Republic

TAXI To: Refuge mainstore


Refuge logoREFUGE Nov 16 2019 #6_001EDIT

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