“I Cant Tell You Why”…….

MONSO kat #6_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles Another oldies song I happened to love especially because I think Timothy B. Schmit’s voice is so beautiful and has a sincerity about it. Whenever I hear it, it reminds me of someone I knew/know on SL and memories from years ago. It also happens to be song my dad and his friends like to play when they’re hacking around, they actually do a fabulous job. The Eagles are/were an amazing band, in 2016 the music community and all of us lost this brilliant artist when Glen Frey founder of the Eagles passed. Well, if you haven’t heard this beautiful song before or would like to hear it it again, here’s the link to “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles /Frey/Henley/Schmit and amazing lyrics! Please listen HERE!  ♥


♥ Hair – “Kat Hair” (beautifully textured long hair with the perfectly added high ponytail)  by: [MONSO] @ FaMESHed

♥ Skirt – “Audrey Skirt” (comes with 2 skirts, plain & patterned/shown in photos)  by: LUAS @ Anthem

♥ Top – “Vaporware Gacha/Black Top #7 Uncommon” by: Loki

♥ Choker – “Koki Gacha Choker” by: Vincue + Kibitz

♥ Rings – “Sweetheart Rings” by: {YUMMY}

♥ Heels – “Jisoo Gacha/RARE Boots/Lootbox” by: Look At Me

MONSO kat #4_001EDIT

TAXI To: [MONSO]mainstore


MONSO kat #2_001EDIT

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