You Sheltered Me From Harm….

Sweet Evil NOV 3 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

David Gates  (from the band Bread) wrote some incredibly beautiful and touching songs and  if I had to choose my favorite one I honestly couldn’t. The title of my blog post came from the song lyrics (YouTube link->)  “Everything I Own” by David Gates. It’s a truly lovely song (I’m pretty sure you all know I adore oldies!) the first couple times I heard it I interpreted the song as a love song but later I found out it’s meaning is much deeper, Gates wrote it about early passing of his dad. I hope you click on the above link and listen to the stunning melody and touching words. It’s a special meaningful song, perhaps it’ll be meaningful for you too. ♥ luv ya all♥


♥ Overalls – “Hoodie Overalls” (adorable!!)  by: Sweet Evil for The Jerky Turkey Hunt9

♥ Top – “Ivy Crop Sweater” by: Blueberry

♥ Hair – “Shadow Hair” by: Truth (vip gift)

♥ Heels – “Lia Heels” by: Phedora

38494470180_7efc6db07d_o Jerky turkey hunt9.png

TAXI To: Sweet Evil

TAXI To: Jerky Turkey Hunt9 starting point

Link To: Jerky Turkey Hunt9 Hints

refuge NOV 3 2019 #7_001EDIT

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