I Look Goofy, But I Did The SLChallenge :P

MP challenge OCT 30 2019 #5_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

I’m not sure exactly who or where this #SLChallenge first came from but I do know Kaitox Xonfor/Youtube Channel did the, “Let Second Life Marketplace Pick My Outfit Challenge” then I saw Naria Panthar’s/YouTube Channel very similar #SLChallenge which I think she said originally came from “The Sims” game. Anyway’s I really thought it would be fun as a blog post too, so here’s the results of “The Let Marketplace Pick My Outfit Challenge”. Yeah, I know I look cray cray goofy! 😀 LOL but it was all in fun!  I love #SLChallenges!

Starting on Marketplace: I clicked on “apparel” then “women’s”, and selected my items from “featured items” section (see photos below/I took screenshots as I found the items). The first thing I saw was the {Amiable} “Roll Up Loose Was Denim Pants” (I only took things with demos because I didn’t  want to spend my Lindens on things I most likely wouldn’t ever use). Second item was ::ROC:: Disruptor Sneakers”, third coincidently was {Amiable} “Backlaced Knit Top With Flared Shirt” and lastly was “Little Lies Hair”  by Vanity.

Ok, yeah I look a little messy but it was all in fun, I didn’t think it was all that bad, just not my style. It honestly was a fun challenge since I spend most of the time laughing, I’m not sure if anyone in the house heard all the racket I was making but my doggie (whom is ALWAYS by my side) did leave the room. LOL!

If anyone else has done this challenge I’d really love love love to know and see how their outfit turned out. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing the challenge for it!

Luv yas,



MP challenge OCT 30 2019 #3_001EDITMP challenge OCT 30 2019 #2_001EDIT

MP outfit #1EDIT

MP outfit #2EDIT

MP oufit #3EDIT

MP outfit #4EDIT

5 thoughts on “I Look Goofy, But I Did The SLChallenge :P

  1. Hahaha… Cherri… I love the pose you have your avi in.

    Here’s my challenge post:

    These demos crack me up with all the labels that are stuck to them. I could’ve gone crazy with accessories. I chose to keep it simple. The eyes I chose, have some weird and interesting eye style options. I didn’t want to pick something oddball and strange. Like I said, I kept it simple.

    Thank you for your fun blog.

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