As The October Sun Sets……

SWAY's OCT 31 2019 #6_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Here are two charming and essential decor items for any home and garden landscape from Sway’s for Fifty Linden Friday 11/1/19

♥ Items from Sway’s for Fifty Linden Friday

[Amber] Half Circular Bench (I put two together and added a tree in the center) has sweet comfy pillows and blankets to keep the November chill away. For single or couples with animations.

[Remo] Brick Archway( faded roof shown/ see last photo)  Perfect to add to any entry point of your property. Here I’ve used it for my dirt road driveway.


Other items in the photos:

Sway’s  [Leora] Kettle and cocoa mugs/yellow

Sway’s [Boo!] Scarecrow

Apple Fall  Straw Broom

Apple Fall Bay Leaf Topiary

Apple Fall Stone Artichokes

Apple Fall Scattered Acorns #7

Dahlia  Spanish Bluebells

Raindale  Daises In Teapot

Little Branch  Animated Oak Tree

+half-deer+ English Ivy

+half-deer+ Fallow Deer Grazing

Ariskea -[Charm] Vintage Lanterns

HPMD Dirt Road

HDMP Sweet Garden Grass Yellow

Thistle Homes Pottery Stacks


TAXI To: Sway’s mainstore


SWAY'S LogoSWAY's OCT 31 2019 #9_001EDITSWAY's OCT 31 2019 #3_001EDIT

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