The Scent Of Autumn

MOOH! OCT 28 2019 #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Autumn colors paint the landscapes with shades of yellow, brown, orange, red, gold and bronze but how do I describe the scent of Autumn? I don’t mean pumpkin lattes, apple pie and spices. What I find hard to describe is that scent of dry and damp  leaves, the crisp cool air that seems to waft its way into everything and everywhere. The scent of Autumn is a very pleasant smell, if you have never had the opportunity to experience the magical scent of autumn, let me say it’s marvelous, at least to me. It’s a scent lingers on clothing, hair and even my sweet doggie’s fur. No matter what “Autumn” candles or diffusers I’ve smelled none can duplicate Mother Nature’s Scent of Autumn. I adore it!!


♥ Top & Skirt – “Penny Dress/Dusk”  (lovely warm “Autumn” feel outfit comes in 12 colors, it’s 50% off discounted only till October 31st) by: MOoH! mainstore

♥ Pose -“Fall Is Here” Bento Pose by: NinaX for The Boo! Bunny Hunt8

♥ Boots – “Hedy Boots” by: CandyDoll

♥ Hair – “Porcelain Hair” by: Stealthic


TAXI To: MOoH! mainstore

TAXI To: Boo! Bunny Hunt8 Starting point

LINK To: Boo! Bunny Hunt8 Hints


MOOH! OCT 28 2019 #5_001EDIT

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