~Friendships In Second Life~


Second Life and Friendships

This post has been a long time coming, maybe because I have so many really close lifelong friends in my RL but have a lack of any in SL that why this subject has been weighing on my mind.

When I joined Second Life way, way, way, back in 2011 I found it very easy to make friends, friends that I kept for many years but little by little they lost interest in SL or RL issues called or for some other reason left Second Life.

Truthfully, I do spend most of my time alone when I am on SL since I like working on my blog alone, setting up blog scenes, scoping out sims and putting together outfits for blog photos and posts. Then from time to time I do miss hanging with friends and I have tried to fill that void by reaching out a hand of friendship to others, especially other bloggers and vloggers.

What I’m thinking is perhaps most people I have reached out to have their group of friends and adding a new friend might change the balance of the group so I completely understand. On the other hand maybe its better to be on my own, maybe its less drama 😛 anyways, I honestly miss the fun and high jinks of being with a group of SL friends. We had such fun times I could write many blog posts about the hilarious, goofy incidents we shared 😀

Last month I TPed to several “Help” & “Safe Hub” sims thinking I might meet some new friends there but shockingly I found those places to be almost barren of people. (how to new SLers get help???)

Please let me know about your views and experiences on Second Life friendships, I’d love to hear from you it so please leave a comment.

Luv Ya All


7 thoughts on “~Friendships In Second Life~

  1. Cherri, I find the same experience as you with SL people. Just for the record, I’m LadyK Braveheart (Partnered to Chameleon Lazarno [My RL husband ;-D]) in SL. I have also made lots of friends in SL. I’ve had the same experience as you of friends who’ve left SL for whatever reasons. I’m not a fan of drama. I love your blog posts. Today, in fact, I went to Sway’s and bought a few of the items you posted about. I host at a few different clubs and one club does themed events. I have to purchase some items I used for the two events I host. Your blog posts help me to find items I need sometimes. I enjoy hagging out with friends in SL. I’ve appreciated the times you’ve helped me find items I couldn’t locate. Thank you for your friendship in SL. =-D

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  2. I tend to be alone usually as I am always filming. But highly recommend on a Saturday 1 pm SL time visiting Esoteric for their themed nights. The people there are super friendly and chatty and Wynn who hosts and Jamie who DJs really make those sets fun.
    When I get time I go there and that’s my hair down time in sl. Today I’m filming for Paragon but if I finish early I’ll be there.

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