The “Silver Screen Challenge” (Set by Meri)

challenge SEPT 29 th 2019 #4_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ A few weeks ago I happen to see an interesting blog post, I will admit at first the photos caught my eye, but after reading I was fascinated with the challenge. Now, I’m not sure who’s post I read first but both Meri of ReadMeri or Isa of Isabelle Cheren posted this “Silver Screen Challenge” of ReadMeri. I thoroughly enjoyed both posts to the point I thought I would “try” and give this challenge a shot.

My first problem is I’m a diehard movie buff, I should say “old” movies so my dilemma was which movie, I have so darn many old movies I love I wouldn’t even able  to select my Top 10, it would have to be more like my Top 500 in no special order. LOL

After rereading both Meri and Isa’s posts again one movie stuck in my mind, one that I could identify with (or hoped I could) it was the movie “Julia” from 1977 with Jane Fonda and Lynn Redgrave. It came to surprise to me that I selected such a serious movie. Perhaps I chose this movie because Julia (played by Lynn Redgrave) empowers Lillian (played by Jane Fonda) since childhood. Lillian is a shy, over protected, introverted child, whom idolizes her best friend Julia for her strength, free spirit, bravery and creativity.

Years go by and there comes a time when Julia goes off from the safety of the United States to travel in Europe (this movie takes place during pre-World War II) to join an anti- Nazi movement and try to save as many Jews as possible from the Holocaust. Later Julia enlists Lillian to smuggle money into Nazi Germany to assist the anti-Nazi movement.  It is a dangerous mission, especially for Lillian, an intelligent  Jewish woman.

Lillian is successful in the mission but I wonder, if not for Julia’s urging Lillian to push her boundaries all her life if Lillian would have been successful. For myself and how I identify and wished I identified with Lillian, you may not know this about me but I’m very shy in my RL specially with strangers. Having three older brothers that always spoke up for me I had (and at times still do) have a difficult speaking up for myself. Like Julia, my brothers always pushed me to do things I was at first frightened of, thanks to them I have an unbound love of skiing, ice skating and I’m no longer scared to jump out of our treehouse, LOL (which we still have).

My post I hope, is at least a fraction as good as Meri and Isa’s, and I am hoping you all enjoy it and other bloggers/vlogger take up the challenge, it was fun.

Also, I searched and searched online (I also thought we had “Julia” on CD I’m not sure if someone borrowed it sadly)  for the exact quote I wanted to add here from the movie but I’ll paraphrase:  “Be brave Lillian, try something new each day”

challenge SEPT 29 th 2019 #8_001EDIT


♥ Coat – “{Cold Outside}” gacha/grey by: Belle Epoque

♥ Hat – “{Cold Outside}” gacha/grey by:Belle Epoque

♥ Hair – “Zoe Hair” by: DOUX

♥ Muff – “Diane Fur Cuff” by: David Heather

♥ ♥ ♥ If you haven’t seen ReadMeri and Isabelle Cheren’s blog post on this challenge  please click their links below, they are both incredible!!

♥ Link to: Meri’s “Silver Screen Challenge” Post

♥ Link to: Isabelle Cheren’s “Silver Screen Challenge”

Photos taken at Templemore Station

challenge SEPT 29 th 2019 #3_001EDIT - CopyAA

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