Nightlife In Roppongi, Japan

MONSO SEPT 28 th 2019 #8_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh

♥ Neo Japan just opened and as always, it was filled with incredibly creative and amazing items! There was so many things I wanted but the sim was “filled to brim” making it impossible to see it all. Now, you know I’ll head back over later this week. 😀


♥ Hair – “Zero Hair”  (very fashionable, so much that I worn it in black! The “Zero Hair” is  soooo outstanding gorgeously textured. I love it!) by: [MONSO] @ Neo Japan

♥ Dress – “Amaya Dress” (I had a difficult time choosing what color to buy so I went with the white, lovely dress!) by: Bauhaus Movement @ Neo Japan

♥ Backdrop “The Night/Dear Japan gacha” by: The Bearded Guy @ Neo Japan

♥ Boots – “Ashi Boots” by: Eudora

♥ Rings – “Ocean Waves Rings & Bracelets” by: {YUMMY}

♥ Piggie – “Happi Kimono Piggie#1 gacha” by: Schadenfreude


TAXI To:[MONSO] mainstore

TAXI To: [MONSO] @ Neo Japan

monso-logo:bloggerMONSO SEPT 28 th 2019 #4_001EDIT

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