More On Fabulous Vloggers I Sub Please Visit Their Channels, Hugzzz

♥ Hello my wonderful followers, I thought I would add an update to a previous post (LINK: Cherri’s post on SL Vloggers) on some Second Life Vloggers I follow. If you haven’t taken a “look see” or subscribed their YouTube Channels perhaps you’ll take the time and do so. Now for the update, I did add Angela Lake in that previous post but I just have to give this sweet lady a shoutout & a big thank you!

♥ Let me start out by sending a warm thanks to Angela Lake for the sweet mention on her vlog. Thank you very much my dear friend. What a sweetheart! In case you’re not familiar with her work, Angela usually brings to her viewers new Second Life products or current shopping events. Personally I adore her accent and could listen to her speak hours upon hours. Here’s her link: Angela Lake & I hope you’ll subscribe. Huggies Angela!

Please Subscribe to Angela’s Channel LINK:Angela’s  YouTube Channel

angela lake

Angela Lake ♥

angela lake #2


♥ Now, ok get ready for a vlogger that is riot! You just HAVE to do yourself a favor and visit this link toMagnolia Mayo’s YouTube Vlog! Oh My Gosh! This incredible, phenomenal lady got me at “Hello My Loves” from the moment I watched her blog! Hilarious, ingenious, on point, streetwise, warm, fashionista, & always informative. Yup! All that and a bag of chips! Magnolia is an astoundingly funny lady but can also cover some deep topics we need to open our eyes to. Here’s her LINK: Magnolia Mayo’s YouTube Channel grab a bowl of popcorn and vodka & cranberry to prepare yourself to be entertained and schooled! Luv Ya Magnolia! Please keep these videos coming! You’re surly a true treasure in Second Life & YouTube! Luv ya and here’s hoping we bump into one another inworld someday!


Please Subscribe To Magnolia Mayo’s YouTube Channel

magnolia mayo #2

♥ Magnolia Mayo ♥

Magnolia mayo

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