Ever Watch Second Life Vlogs on YouTube? I do! Which Channels Do You Subscribe to?

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Second Life Vlogs

There are thousands upon thousands of  Second Life Blogs, I truly enjoying looking at their remarkable photography & reading other bloggers posts. Around 5 years ago I religiously began reading Second Life blogs, after all I had been reading and following RL blogs since Jr.High for years. As for Vlogs, now that’s a little different there isn’t as many Second Life Vloggers as there are Bloggers but I noticed the numbers are growing rapidly. If I wasn’t such a dummy I’d definitely start vlogging as well 😛

Today I thought I’d share a list of YouTube Second Life Vlogs I enjoy. I’ve been wanting to do a post on for some time now. You may have watched & subscribed to some of them  already, if not check them out I think you’ll enjoy them.  Let me know of any you enjoy if I didn’t list them, I love hearing about new ones and I love reading your comments. Each seem has his/hers own niche and flair, that makes for an interesting variety of vlogs.

♥ Strawberry Singh has a huge following on social media her SL YouTube vlog (as well as her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other media outlets) is very well established with over 14K subscribers. She’s one of the first SL pioneers of YouTube vlogs. If you are looking for Second Life tutorials, tours of beautiful and interesting sims, Second Life updates and new and some fun subjects then check her vlog out Strawberry SinghHERE

♥ For hilarious and informative content go over to Naria Panthar’s Vlog: HERE you will not be disappointed! Naria and her group of fabulous funny friends (Timmi & Tugs) take us on tours of shopping events, unboxings, giveaways, amusing situations (which crack me up, I laugh so hard I’ve been told in RL to keep it down by my family & boyfriend LOL). Naria did an outstanding video on “ALL” the SL15Birthday Haul it was incredible! One of my personal favorite is when Naria goes on house tours too, sometimes in live stream, it’s fun to join in the conversation when Naria live streams.

♥ Likewise Raith & Lexy are quite the comical & cute SL couple, I thoroughly enjoy their banter between each other like an old married couple! Too adorable! They too, take us on tours of new shopping events and are one of the few vloggers that show and comment on each kiosk at the events. It’s a timesaver for sure for all of us busy Second Lifers to just watch their video and know if we want anything at certain events. Tune in & subscribe to  Raith & Lexy: HERE  I love their live stream it’s fun to get to chat while they check out events.(you might even see me chatting in the live chat)

♥ Ladydarkana Maracas has a fabulous vlog she combines her RL and SL in her Vlog posts. I find her to be a honest and upright person and enjoy her frankness. Ladydarkana takes us on shopping event tours like Fifty Linden Friday, giveaways, unboxes & tries on makeup and clothes. Her style in outfits and home decor is very impressive “trendy, classy & a touch of goth”. This past December she was one of a team of SL vloggers that were a part of “Vlogmas”, vlogging most of the days in December and showing us all her advent gifts she picked up for VIP members at an array of stores. Seriously all the vloggers that were a part of “Vlogmas” I have a huge respect for because I have no idea how they were able to find the time to vlog during the hectic holidays. To view and subscribe to Ladydarkana here is the YouTube link: HERE

♥ If you enjoy a little entertaining “novela”, then subscribe to NovataSecondLifeHERE, you’ll find adorable & creative Luka has an amazing talent for making some really lovely storylike videos to showcase shopping events, giveaways, tutorials, new dances, combined with music. (She does a phenomenal job filming the “MOVE” animation dances!)  Watching Luka’s beautiful videos are a true joy! Her work is extraordinarily fabulous! Luka as Naria, Ladydarkana and others show us what’s available for free gifts at events and more.

♥ Another SL Vloggers that did “Vlogmas” this past December was Lyda Mynx, seriously I don’t know how these vloggers were able to make & bring us videos each day, in the mist of the crazy busy holiday season, excellent work Lyda!  It’s too cute how Lyda calls her subscribers “Sassy Gals” LOL. She also takes us on “Fifty Linden Fridays” as well as “Fly Buy Fridays”. Lyda is a wonderfully sweet and open lady who is very family oriented in & out of SL occasionally her RL hubby joins her in her SL vlogs. Lyda’s Thanksgiving vlog was fun and touching with her RL hubby & SL friends You’ll also catch two other vloggers she invited to share her family Thanksgiving on SL with. You can watch & subscribe to Lyda Mynx:  HERE 

♥ Most of us bloggers know or have heard of Cassie Middles. She too has an amazing  YouTube Vlog channel, but its much more then a vlog. Yes, she also, does the events, unboxings and tour of lovely sims. Amazingly,  Cassie has created a catalog of delightful “shows” with contestants & judges one of which is ” SL Dress To Impress”. Contestants are given a theme and must use what they have in their inventory to come up with an outfit  (& wear it) that closely fits said theme. It’s a fabulous show and very amusing at (all of the) times. (Cassie also has a very lovely singing voice check out her channel I think you will agree)  Tune in to Cassie :HERE

♥ For a funny and unique vlog on YouTube you have to view Isabelle Cheren:  HERE you will simply love her gorgeous British accent (I’m jelly, I dislike my Bostonian accent immensely )  and her cheeky humor! Isabelle takes us to tours of shopping events as the other bloggers which are all timesavers for us. In addition Isabelle has another side AKA “Harriet” who is a bit on the coquettish side and a riot, I adore her amusing escapades I think you will too, you just have to tune in!

♥ Recently I discovered a sweet SL vlogger’s channel PawPaw who brings us marvelous places to find free gifts. PawPaw also does events and LookBook. PawPaw changes up a lot by vlogging different SL subjects like “Hair Essentials , “Christmas Essentials”. One of her blog themes she covered this month was “Recreating Japanese Instagram Models Outfits” I thought this was a brilliant idea and messaged PawPaw she should challenge other Vloggers & Bloggers to try it. You can subscribe to PawPaw’s: Channel HERE

Other Second Life YouTube Vlogs I have to mention:

Lexy Nexen (you have to  watch her post about the negative comments SL gets) her link is HERE

Cat Pink SL – My  “Go To” vlog if you love to hunt for amazing gifts on SL like I do! Her Link: HERE

Alicia Chenaux – Fashion, chat house tours and more… Her link: HERE

♥  Toxic Rhiannyr – Amazing graphic designer/ excellence bar-none  (watch as she designs!) her link: HERE

Angela Lake – Events, Syndicate Sunday, Fly Buy Friday and more Her link: HERE

Minty Minx – Fabulous vlogger, hauls, tours, dances, giveaways and more! Her link:  HERE

♥ ♥ ♥ If anyone wants to suggest of Youtube Second Life Vlogs please do so in the comment section of my blog I always welcome comments & suggestions. 

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I’ve just touched on merely a few SL Vloggers and if I left anyone out it was purely a time factor issue for my blog post. For myself I deeply appreciate all the vloggers (and bloggers) on SL I realize the RL time it takes to record, take photos, write and edit. All the SL Vloggers work hard to bring us fresh informative, entertaining, & educational vlogs   I admire & commend them for their hard work and creativity. All of you truly inspire me Thank You! Hugzzz!♥♥♥

What I’m wearing:

♥ Dress – Allison Dress/ white by: Mossu @ UBER

♥ Hair – “Zoe Hair/blonde” by: DOUX (Mainstore)

♥ Necklace – “Mellissa Necklace” by: *AVAWAY* @ VANITY

♥Heels – “Jaime Heels” by: BREATHE (Mainstore)

♥ Lip Applier – “Nudes” by: Sweet Evil

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13 thoughts on “Ever Watch Second Life Vlogs on YouTube? I do! Which Channels Do You Subscribe to?

  1. This is awesome…I’ve been working on learning how to vlog more…I have a channel but it’s pretty small. I’m still learning and pretty shy so its a little hard to come up with ideas. These are all great vlogs…I’m following them all. 🙂

    My channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMOV5pRWogcADVzoKaQYqow

    Here are a few of my favorites:
    Daeberethwen Arbenlow: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_IaGpu4N7yHvxWMGSm_0xA
    Alicia Chenaux: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJAAtGTvHFdVOPWbQKT2GnA
    Toxxic Rhiannyr: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYavQwRgZ0YUSzaYhDISL4A
    And you listed Strawberry’s. I love her stuff. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this…new waking up “news” 😛 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lizzy!! Thank you for sharing I can’t wait to see your vlog! I do subscribe Alicia & Toxxic’s channels too if my post wasn’t so long I would have spoken about theirs too! Thank for the comment & hugzz feel free to mention any Vlogs you like! Subscribed & clicked the bell for notifications on you channel! TY!!


    1. Girl! It was my pleasure you know I 100% get a huge kick out of you vlog. OMG! When clicked on you last upload & saw you driving that car (we call a hoopty (slang term for an old beat up car) at EQUAL10 I almost fell off my computer chair! No one else would have thought of that! I never know what to expect from you, Is you really are fabulous! Keep it up! Huggies

      Liked by 1 person

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