“I Want You To Ruin My Life”

jan 2 2019 mooh #10_001editPhotos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Lingerie – “Trinity Bra, Panties & Robe” / I changed it up and used the sensational hud MOoH! provided so I could wear pink undies & bra under this lovely blue lace robe (gorgeous lingerie set is the month’s group gift!) By: MOoH! mainstore

♥ Hair – “Zoe Hair” (fabulous!)  by: DOUX mainstore

♥ Heels – “Tamiyo Heels” by: BREATHE

♥ Lip Applier – “Piper Lips” by: ZIBSKA

♥ Cell Phone – “School Phone” By: Tentacio @ EQUAL10

♥ Hair Accessory  – “Tsubaki” gacha #M04 by: KOTOLIER @ Japonica


Other Items In Photos:

Skybox/backdrop : “Pasel Love” by: Foxcity

Bed : “Pink Princess” gacha bed/RARE Lagom @ Etoile

Journal: “Pink Princess” gacha by: Lagom @ Etoile

Pillow Pile: “Pink Princess” gacha by:Lagom @ Etoile

Bunny Slippers “Pink Princess”gacha by: Lagom @ Etoile

“Hanging Dainty Flower Light” by: //HIVE

“Pom Pom Plant” by: Dust Bunny @ KUSTOM9

“[Princess] Roses Frame” by: Ariskea

“Morning Cup Of Coffee” by Tentacio

“Hello Neon Sign” by: Tentacio

“Seeing All The Lights” gacha Table by: Haikei

“Peggie Lay Pink” by Foxwood

jan 2 2019 mooh #8_001edit


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jan 2 2019 mooh #2_001edit

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