Beautiful & Fun Winter Time Decor

DEC 26th 2018 sways #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

Most of this photos contains winter fun and beautiful items from Sway’s for  Fifty Linden Friday & Gachaland!

Fifty Linden Friday items are: [Ula] Street Lamp with snow & [Ethan] brick walls & fence, perfect decor items for winter! Aren’t the street lamps so realistic with their warm glowing light?

Gachaland items are: [Clyde] bench with snow, porch/RARE, lantern, topiary, birdhouse, winter cottage/RARE, doormat & boots, porch bench/RARE, sled with snow & skates. Cozy pillows on the bench are a generous gift from Sway’s  at the event!

The “Hitchhiker Snowman”  is Gachaland Exclusive! How adorable is he? He’s only available at Gachaland then he’ll be retired,  his little sign had  6 textures! CUUTEEEE!

DEC 26th 2018 sways #5_001EDIT

TAXI To: Sway’s Fifty Linden Friday

DEC 26th 2018 SWAY's FLF Fence

DEC 26th 2018 sways #3_001EDIT


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