Beautiful Winter Landscape

DEC 4th TGSH SEVYN Outfit #2_001EDITPhotos by:Cherri Oh


♥ Hoodie & Leggings – “The Grumpy Santa Hunt Outfit” Baby It’s Cold Outside (adorable includes a lovely hud with a printed version too!)  by: Sevyn East For TGSH

♥ Nail Applier – “Just A Shimmer” by: P.S. for The Grumpy Santa Hunt

♥ Hair – “Tammy Hair” RARE  gacha by: FABIA @ Gacha Garden

♥ Booties – “Cozy Mini Boots”/ white by: Sweet Thing

Other items in photos:

“Snowmobile”/teal by: Brocante @ The Arcade

“Marble Foxes” by: Jian

“Fawn/leap” by: +Half+Deer+

“Beech Forest” by: 3D Trees

“Pine Trees/ no glitch” by: True Life/SL marketplace

“Birch Trees” by: Little Branch

“Snow Land Forms” by: Skye Water System

“Three Snowy Bushes” by: ArchiTech Designs

The Grumpy Santa Hunt ebp

♥ Lots & Lots of fabulous items to be had at The Grumpy Santa Hunt!  Going on now till December 31st! Come join me in having fun hunting! Each item is a mere $1L each! Incredible! You’ll discover some fabulous stores & designers, don’t forget while hunting feel free to join the stores group.

TAXI To: Sevyn East Store

TAXI To: The Grumpy Santa Hunt starting point

Link To: The Evil Bunny Productions Site & hunt hints

DEC 4th TGSH SEVYN Outfit #4_001EDITDEC 4th TGSH SEVYN Outfit #7_001EDIT


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