~Game Night~ Here’s An Open Invitation

SWAY's JAN #4 EDITPhotos By: Cherri Oh

Time for some fun & games. There’s nothing like a get-together with friends in a comfy room,  just add some games, a few snacks, some music and voilà = FUN! So why not start with a trip to The Liaison Collaborative , then make you first stop the Sway’s Kiosk there at TLC.

This round of TLC Sway’s has these two beautifully, highly texted items. (see photos & ad on this page)

The “[Games Sofa]” has such incredible texture I swear I smell leather! LOL! Honestly it’s fabulous.

♣ The Sofa seats up to 3 Avatars
with 18 Friends and Single animations,
10 Couple animations 

PG and Adult version available

Adult version + 8 Adult animations

Round, square and oblong Pillows and Blanket each with 7 texture options, individually changeable. Land Impact is 13

♣ The “[Word Game Art]” is the perfect wall decor to accompany the [Games Sofa] (in my photos I’m just using part of the decor if you look in the ad you’ll see all of this wonderful set)

The wooden word game tiles in four different word combinations. (Seen in ad below)

100% original Mesh + Material Land Impact for each is 1.

copy + modify



TAXI To SWAY’s Inworld

Sway’s Blog





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