Up For A Halloween Hunt? Well Get Started Now! & Strawberry Singh’s SecondLifeChallenge – My Seven Second Life Facts

YES! I got this cute top & bottom, bento rings, pumpkins & sign(next to me) and the cutest Halloween hanging chair ever (see photo below) each item is only $1L can you even believe it at the BOO! Bunny Hunt6! Make your way to the start   ===> STARTING POINT<===

Look for the Halloween candy ===>Candy example for Boo! Bunny Hunt6 Links For Hints!

B!BH6 Hopes Creations #8_EDIT


♥ Outfit – “BOO! Bunny Hunt6 Outfit”(top & bottom) CUTE!!!By: [HC] Hopes Creations for The B!BH6

♥ Hair – “Marcella Hair Ombre#4” gacha By: [DUE] @ Secret Hideout

♥ Headband – “KoKo Look Headband-Lemon”  gacha By: HAZY Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa

♥ Heels – “Astrid Heels – common” Gacha By: “[BREATHE] @ Epiphany

♥ Choker – “Boo! Choker” By: Cheeky (in store special)

♥ Rings – “B!BH6 Bento Rings(can be worn on both hands or just either) By: BLAXIUM  for the B!BH6

♥ Nail Applier – “Sugar Skulls” By: LIVIA @ The Mad Circus

♥ Decor – “Halloween Pumpkins & Sign” By: Dreamscapes Art Gallery for B!BH6

♥ Swing – “Halloween Hanging Chair” By: Little 2 Large for B!BH6

♥ Owls – “Me & My Owls RARE gacha” By: Le Sucreries Fairy 

BOO! BUNNY HUNT6EBP Evil Bunny Productions LogoB!BH6 Hopes Creations #6_EDIT


Cherri Does # Strawberry Singh’s Second Life Challenge – “My” Seven Second Life Facts


Fact #1: Let’s get the worse out of the way first! I’m a true blue, dye in wool shopaholic in SL & RL, let’s face it I have a real problem! I admit it! BIG PROBLEM (if I recognize my problem then I guess its the beginning of recovery?-Doubt it! I have another window opened to Nordstrom’s  looking at Gigi Hadid’s Fashion line & debating what to buy – as we speak! )haha

Fact #2: A few of my followers have asked me about this before and yes I’m single in SL, it’s nice to come and go as I please and being mapped idk who really wants to give map rights? Not Me! Who wants to be in the middle of changing/ half naked  and have someone pop in? YIKES!

♥ Fact #3: True true true I applied to be on Cassie Middle’s “Dating  Show”  & “Dress To Impress” shows (but I think I got rejected or maybe she couldn’t get in touch with me cause I was gacha drunk from Epiphany & Gacha Guardians and didn’t hear my SL phone ring😂

Fact #4: I just recently (last March in fact- thanks to my friend Eleni for encouraging me to finally use the one I bought and sitting in my inventory for months) finally switched to a mesh head. For some reason I just couldn’t part with my system head, you might say I was too attached LOL but seriously I loved how I was able to edit it to what I wanted it to look like. No regrets though, I LOVE my CATWA and although I have a couple other brands I’ve never worn them because I love this CATWA one so much.

Fact #5: For some crazy reason and I have no idea why but I can’t drive a car or motorcycle in SL. It never fails, but I always, but always, end up stuck in the pavement like a manhole cover and to top it off get crashed out of SL! Grrr! So I gave up! No driving  for me!

Fact #6: I love, I mean I really love listening to people get up and perform or play out on a instrument live on mic in SL (RL too) I have a great respect for anyone who puts her or himself out there in front of people and performing. Kudos!! Love live mic!

Fact #7: Although we have all seen or heard of other residents that take advantage of others or just plain mean, it is simply wonderful to meet & hear about helpful, kind, unselfish, accommodating people in SL, specially in the blogger groups. I love how people have actually been nice enough to TP where I was to help me and I deeply appreciate it and  in turn I always try to do my best help when I can. So people helping each other on SL is something I deeply whole heartily appreciate! It’s really a beautiful thing, strangers being so kind and helpful we need a little more of that in RL. 

♥ I hope you know me a little better now and if you like ,dear readers I’ll try to do Strawberry’s other challenges to. Just leave comment and let me know .

One thought on “Up For A Halloween Hunt? Well Get Started Now! & Strawberry Singh’s SecondLifeChallenge – My Seven Second Life Facts

  1. If you get a vehicle that you can ‘wear’ it’s so much easier that coping with SL physics – which is why you’re getting stuck in the pavement! A recent ‘wearable’ vehicle was Serenity Style’s “Skippy Scooter”. Now that’s a gacha so it won’t cost much to try out ❤


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