Strawberry Singh’s #SecondLifeChallenge – My Zodiac Sign

∗Disclaimer – Personally: I do not believe in Astrology 

The information about my sign was taken from Strawberry Singh’s link:HERE

Questions- (Answers are based on my RL)

♥ #1. What is your Zodiac sign?

Answer: Gemini if using my RL birthday.

♥ #2. Do you believe in Astrology and read your horoscope often? 

Answer: I do not believe in Astrology at all, not just because of religious reasons but because most is so vague it can be applied to just about anyone. Maybe a handful of times I looked ay my horoscope when my besties (RL) and we were casually reading about each others for pure entertainment.

♥ #3. What are some of the traits of your zodiac sign and do you feel they reflect who you are?

A. Answer: “Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas” Fair to say gentle, affectionate (once I know a person), curious, ability to share ideas are some strengths I think I have. “Adaptable & learns quickly” definitely not. I’m a creature of habit and have to get adjusted to anything new and as far as learning something quickly as a rule I usually  reread/study  a few times depending on the subject like math. Ugh!

B. Weaknesses: “Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive” Nervous I might be under some circumstances: doctors appointments, speaking in public, driving in extremely heavy traffic. Inconsistent Nope, I’m very very consistent as I said I’m a creature of habit. In fact I’ve been told people can’t set a watch by me lol. Indecisive , heck no I know my own mind & opinion.

C. Gemini Likes: “Music, books, magazines, chats with nearly anyone, short trips around the town”. All of the above: Like about 80% of the public but I love long trips too. Haha.

D. Gemini Dislikes: “Being alone, being confined, repetition and routine. Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. They are sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless. They are fascinated with the world itself, extremely curious, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see.”

Ok, Confined – let me see, I don’t mind being alone as long as I’m not lonely which is two different things. Being confined…hmmmm like who likes being cooped up? I’ll say thats correct unless there is a bad snow storm (if its snowing I’m dusting on my skis) or something outside then I enjoy being confined I always have lots to do since I love creating art, recipes, sewing, old movies, playing the piano, surfing the internet and being with my baby (my pet doggie-rl) may I mention that I have three older brothers and there is never a dull moment. Repetition & Routine  – As I stated before I’m a creature of habit so I have a set schedule (I dislike being late for work or any appointment) and I’m pretty consistent as far as work habits and daily life otherwise I’m all about what I feel like doing when I have free time. Many times I’ve decided to head to the Natick Mall, Chestnut Hill Mall or Rockingham Mall to see what new design have arrived on a whim after work usually my mom blows up my cell looking for me. 😳

Hope you enjoyed this challenge and now that I revealed some things about me you know me a little better.💖

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