The Beached Bunny Hunt7 Is Still Going On, But Nearing It’s end ….So Getting Hopping Over To The Starting Spot!

MISHCHIO Love Swimsuit #3_001EDITByes


Don’t forget to visit The Beached Bunny Hunt7 (here’s the starting point)==>Starting Point For The Beached Bunny Hunt7

Just search for these cute little sand pails and each item is only a 1L! What a terrific bargain!! Everything I found I thought was well made and very useful I love decorating my SL house with cute decor and I found some lovely things with low prim count too at the hunt 1L each!!. So come on down to The Beached Bunny Hunt you won’t be disappointed.

bbh7 ebp bucket
Look For This Blue Sand Pail Hunt Object & Pay 1L For Some Wonderful Stuff!


Here’s a the site of hints for the hunt too!! ==> Hints For The Beached Bunny Hunt! GOOD LUCK but its Easy Peasy!



MISHCHIO Love Swimsuit #14_001EDIT.png



♥ Swimsuit – “Love Swimsuit” By: MISHCHINO this is the LM for the store & hidden prize 

This swimsuit is really darling and its not the same style we keep seeing over and over this season you can also wear each piece separately if you wish.

♥ Necklace – “Love Me Necklace” By: Zombie Suicide (LM for store look for hidden Blue Pail)

The necklace comes with a hud to change the color of the hearts ( wow & only 1L!!)

Other BBH& Prizes In This Blog Post (but see my other earlier posts for other prizes too each only 1L!!!)

♥ Dance Carpet – By: EARTHWORKS (& it has a hud to change the design!)(I have it set to a little cutie mermaid pattern)

It’s a cute dance carpet just right for a beached theme home it also comes with a design hud the dance are perfect for that romantic night with someone special. 

♥ Wooden Blocks “Salty Kisses”  & Driftwood Starfish frame By: BY: BOWERBIRD (look for blue pail)

These two decor item were 1 prize! & 1L!! Aren’t they the perfect touch for that empty space? I thought they were totally sweet & beachy!


Additional non BBH7 items in the photo: “Tropical Flamingo Gazebo” By: Cheeky Pea (July Deco(C)rate Box) comes wit the flamingo planters too!!

Hair I’m wearing is “Grind” By: #FOXY

Lip applier is “Felina” By: ZIBSKA

Earrings “Tina” by: Nevrose (I found these at Suicide Dollz 99L they match the Zombie Suicide “Love Me Necklace” necklace  1L perfectly.

Heels I’m wearing are “Havana” By: REIGN at the N21



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