Beached Bunny Hunt 7 Is Still Going On Strong! So Hop Yourself Over!

#2 BBH7 MOoH! Beach dress #Photos By:Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Beach Dress” By: MOoH! For BBH7 (amazingly cute dress 1L)

♥ Necklace – “True Love Necklace” By: !IT! Indulge Temptation @ BBH7 (Yes 1L)

♥ Earrings – “Bahija Earrings” BY: !IT! Indulge Temptation @ TWE12VE Event July

♥ Hair – “Cherry” By: DOE @ Loot Box

♥ Heels – “Pica Heels” By: PHEDORA @ KINKY

♥ Braceletes –  “Donut Bangles” By: NOODLES For Cutie Loot July

♥ Lip Applier – “Della Lips” By: ZIBSKA @ The Season Story

♥ Nail Applier – “Blossom Nails” BY: Livia @ past TWE12VE Event

Other Credits:

This BEAUTIFUL bench  by ~Zo Awesum~ for the Beached Bunny Hunt7 TAXI to ==>BBH7is gorgeous and I cannot believe its a hunt item! The bunting is fabulous for the summer not just to use on The 4th but just showing out patriotic side! Just 1L!! Like WOW! 1L everyone! 

♥The sweet barrel is from MOoH! Barrel Gacha

Sippy Cup (Starfish) BY: Sweet Evil @ BBH7 (1L @ the BBH7)- too cute!

♥ Pinwheel – “Kazagurume”By: Bitter Vanilla @ Japonica! (gacha)(cute gacha the piwheels actually spin!)

#3 BBH7 MOoH! Beach Dress

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