June’s TWE12VE Event Is Here!

Love Lace Mystic bikini #1Photos By:Cherri Oh

Outfit / Style Card

♥ Bikini – “Mystic Bikini” By: Love Lace @ TWE12VE Event For June

♥ Hair – “Dory” By: DeskHead @ TWE12VE  Event For June

♥ Flower – “Rare”(gacha) By: LUSH @ EBP SIM

♥ Heels – “Arya Heels By: REIGN (past N21)

♥ Eye Shadow Applier – “Seduction”By: D. Design @ TWE12VE Event For June

♥Lip Applier – “Gia” By: ZIBSKA @ Vintage Fair

♥ Choker – “Shade Choker”(gacha) By: CHAIN (Past Lost & Found) 

♥ Glasses – “Ohji Glasses” By: ZOOM @ The Tropical Summer Fair

♥ Bottled Water – “Kitty Print Water Bottle” By: Copper Mill @ SaNaRae (ends June 18th)

Love lace Mystic Bikini #3

**TAXI To June’s TWE12VE ⇒TWE12VE Brought To You BY: Evil Bunny Productions Event Going On Now!**



Love lace Mystic bikini #2


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