~Dainty BlueBell Print & Vibrate Violet Skies~

AdoreZ Karol dress & crown TWE12VE AprilPhotos By: Cherri Oh


♥ Dress – “Karol Dress” (comes with above flower crown and wings!)By AdoreZ @ TWE12VE

♥ Tattoo – “Rain Drops Tattoo” BY: LUSH @ TWE12VE

♥ Shoes “Gala Heels” BY: G&D

♥ Necklace – “RainDrop”BY: !IT! @ TWE12VE

♥ Hair – “Harlow” BY: Little Bones @ N21

♥ Flower Head Wreath (below)  –  “Freesia Crown Wreath” BY: *LODE* @ Past-Chapter Four

♥ Nail Appliers – “RainyNails” By: LIVIA @ TWE12VE

♥ Lip Applier – “Meera”BY: @ZIBSKA

♥ EyeShadow/Liner – “Pamela” BY: SLACKGIRL @TWE12VE


TWE12VE Event Adorez !IT! LUSH

***Rainy Nails By” LIVIA beautiful!!@TWE12VE Event April

***ASTRALIA Spring Add Ons @BLOOM

April TWE12VE LIVIA Nails


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