Don’t Miss Out! Lovely Fashion, Decor, Makeup, Poses, Tattoos & Much More At The Artist Palette Going On Now!

♥The Artist Palette – TAP Event going on till the 31st of March so hurry and take a TP over to SunSet Mist Mall where the TAP Event is going on now♥

TAXI TO TAP Event TAP@SunSet Mist Mall

TAP #2

♥Here’s  just a little taste of the wonderful fashion, accessories, decor, and much more.♥



TAP #1TAP #7TAP #14

Darling  “Cupcake Bandaids” By Dirty Secrets

TAP SALES ADS Wall #11_001

“Boracay Hanging Chair Set” By [LPL]


Colorful “Artistic Flowers Tattoo” By JUNA


 “Colorful POP Nails” By (PC)


“Cupcake Bandaids” By Dirty Secrets

Cute Cupcake bandaids


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