*Let’s Get Physical*-[Collabor88 Haul]

jan16th-2017-9-candydollPhoto By: Damien K. Tepes


♥ Romper – “Yessha” _CandyDoll_@C88

♥ Heels & Socks – “Gracie Heels & Socks” Fri*day@C88 (adorable heels I’m a huge  fan of “Fri*day” and I’m so happy there are socks to add to these cute heels)

♥ Necklace – “Ballet Slipper Charm” (Yummy)@C88 ( as always & forever (YUMMY) Makes really cute and unusual accessories and this necklace is very me!)

♥ Hair – “Iron Maiden” EXILE@C88

♥ Earphones & Arm-phone –  “Yoga Arm-phone & Yoga Earplugs”ASTRALIA@C88  (For me I think ASTRALIA designs are lovely and distinct & uncommon thats probably why I always buy them -fantastic detail!)

♥ Lipstick Applier – “Glossy Glam” (if you follow me you know I adore !IT! lipstick appliers and they’re my favorite!) @!IT!

♥ Bottle – “Bottle Natural Juice” {IMEKA}@C88 (cute & I also bought the bag of apples they had at C88)

♥ Earrings – “Hoops” .FONDE.@MarketPlace

♥ Headband – “Towel Head”  By: ADDAMS – Past Gacha 

♥ Head – “Destiny” @CATWA

♥ Body – “Lara” @MAITREYA

♥ Shape – “My Own”

♥ Nail-polish Appliers “Golden Bows” @={ZOZ}=



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